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National Sails

I ordered a 130% headsail from National Sails in 2006 after a very informed discussion with the folks regarding my sailing needs and their products. They actually talked me out of buying the 150% headsail (even though it costs more)! When the sail arrived, they immediately called me with some bad news... namely, the sail had not been made to their specifications in terms of stitching and reinforcement. I must confess that I would not have known the difference, but National Sails did not feel right about this. The problem of course is I would miss the sailing season waiting for another sail to be made..... National Sails acknowledged this was a problem and allowed me to use the use the current sail and then return it once my new sail was ready.

I am VERY happy with my new sail and they were correct about sizing. The triple stitching and reinforcement is very impressive. While I am sure you can obtain a similar quality sail from others, I don't believe I have ever encountered this level of honesty and service. I highly recommend these folks!