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I purchased the NAVMAN wind/speed/depth/repeater instruments a couple of years ago. I have owned Raymarine on past boats and frankly, was tired of the yearly rebuilds with subsequent failures I was experiencing with my original Signet Instruments. The NAVMAN pricing is very competitive and they utilize NEMA communication protocols compared to propriatary protocols that lock you into Raymarine products.

Installation was relatively easy. I especially like the repeater, which allows me to monitor almost all cockpit readings in the cabin.

My problem was I was having trouble with apparent infusion of moisture in the instruments that led to fogging and the LCDs fading.

I contacted NAVMAN Support (BNT Marine Electronics, Acton, MA) and discussed it with their lead technician. He told me they had expereinced some problems like this with a couple production runs. He then offerred to send me replacement units for both my wind and speed instruments at no charge! The replacements arrived within days and that was that. WOW!

You don't find many firms these days who wouldn't have many layers of so called technical help (usually in some other country) who have no knowlede or power to solve complex problems. And then, you have to spend weeks and weeks before you get to a solution.... My experience at NAVMAN was so different that it is almost hard to comprehend. This is the way it should be!