[C38] Some further explanation of what's been happening

Charles Finn charles at finn.ws
Sun Oct 9 10:13:32 EDT 2005

As most of you are aware, Sailnet seemed to slowly disappear over the 
last six months with sporadic service and slow-to-no response. In fact, 
we learned of late that the Sailnet offices have been closed since mid July!
While Sailnet promises on their website they will continue to support 
websites and mailing lists, the fact is the mailing list has not been 
working at all since mid September.

This left our organization in a quandary as we could not find out what 
was going on with a business and internet site that was not responding 
to our queries, yet controlled our ability to communicate with 
one-another. After some discussion, we decided to create our own website 
and mailing list (listserve), which has just recently been activated. 
This decision was made several weeks ago, but it takes time to re-build 
all we had (and lost) with Sailnet.

Some of you may be aware that the original founders of Sailnet have 
recently opened another site called Sailjazz and they are offering to 
host sailing organizations such as ours much as Sailnet once did. After 
some consideration, we decided to move out on our own for two reasons. 
First is the fact that for about $100 per year, we could actually own 
our site and do with it whatever we want to! This includes equipment and 
vendor evaluations as well as recommendations and possibly “deals” we 
might want to make with certain vendors (Sailnet rules prohibited such 
activity). Second, and most important is that while we wish Sailjazz all 
the best…. we also must realize that opening a new business like is a 
very risky enterprise. The bottom line is while we wish them well, we 
believe we require a platform for The Catalina 38 National Association 
that will be there as long as we choose to maintain it.

So rest assured we will "be there" for all those who love and sail our 
wonderful boat. Use the site and listserve, and help us with feedback 
about how we are doing and suggestions for doing better! Remember this 
will be a good as all of us make it.

<>Charles Finn
Mighty Quinn #114

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