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Scott and Ann ctigloo at gci.net
Sun Oct 9 15:07:55 EDT 2005

Charles, et al
Many thanks to those who have been/are working to keep the list 
operating. I've found it extremely interesting and valuable. I don't 
know much about how these things work (list-serves I mean ...... oh, 
alright, and sailboats too....) but please let me know if there is 
anything I can do to support the effort.

Scott Miller
Tacita II #224

Charles Finn wrote:

>>As most of you are aware, Sailnet seemed to slowly
>>disappear over the 
>>last six months with sporadic service and slow-to-no
>>response. In fact, 
>>we learned of late that the Sailnet offices have
>>been closed since mid July!
>>While Sailnet promises on their website they will
>>continue to support 
>>websites and mailing lists, the fact is the mailing
>>list has not been 
>>working at all since mid September.
>>This left our organization in a quandary as we could
>>not find out what 
>>was going on with a business and internet site that
>>was not responding 
>>to our queries, yet controlled our ability to
>>communicate with 
>>one-another. After some discussion, we decided to
>>create our own website 
>>and mailing list (listserve), which has just
>>recently been activated. 
>>This decision was made several weeks ago, but it
>>takes time to re-build 
>>all we had (and lost) with Sailnet.
>>Some of you may be aware that the original founders
>>of Sailnet have 
>>recently opened another site called Sailjazz and
>>they are offering to 
>>host sailing organizations such as ours much as
>>Sailnet once did. After 
>>some consideration, we decided to move out on our
>>own for two reasons. 
>>First is the fact that for about $100 per year, we
>>could actually own 
>>our site and do with it whatever we want to! This
>>includes equipment and 
>>vendor evaluations as well as recommendations and
>>possibly “deals” we 
>>might want to make with certain vendors (Sailnet
>>rules prohibited such 
>>activity). Second, and most important is that while
>>we wish Sailjazz all 
>>the best…. we also must realize that opening a new
>>business like is a 
>>very risky enterprise. The bottom line is while we
>>wish them well, we 
>>believe we require a platform for The Catalina 38
>>National Association 
>>that will be there as long as we choose to maintain
>>So rest assured we will "be there" for all those who
>>love and sail our 
>>wonderful boat. Use the site and listserve, and help
>>us with feedback 
>>about how we are doing and suggestions for doing
>>better! Remember this 
>>will be a good as all of us make it.
>><>Charles Finn
>>Mighty Quinn #114
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>>Listserve at catalina38.org
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>>Listserve mailing list
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>Listserve mailing list
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