[C38] three blade fixed propeller

Charles Finn charles at finn.ws
Wed Oct 26 10:15:21 EDT 2005

That's the good news!  The keel stub shows no damage and of course I 
checked all the keel bolts immediately after grounding as well as after 
haul out.  I do have the "catlaina smile" but even that shows no 
change.  Finally, perhaps the most important place to look after a 
grounding while in forward motion is the aft area of the keel stub (for 
compresssion) and that also looks great.  I have a plastic hammer and 
have also sounded the keel stub with solid results.  So, my conclusion 
is that this is either a fairing job (something I have done several 
times over the years on several boats) or a keel shortening opportunity.
The Mighty Quinn largely stays on Lake Champlain which is not too 
constricting seeing at the lake is about 140 miles long, but it would be 
nice to more easily access other waters such as the St. Lawrence Seaway 
and the 1000 Islands area of Lake Ontario.  I could even visit Bob 
Porter down in Oswego!  My issue is other than trailering, I would have 
to motor the Erie Canal for perhaps a week to get to these areas.  There 
is another canal that leads out of the northern most part of the lake 
and can be navigated in less than a day, but it can only handle depths 
of a maximum of six feet.  In addition, I plan to sail to the Carribbean 
in the next few years and am a bit worried regarding a 6' 9" keel.  As 
you can see, I am thinking out loud here and welcome any and all comment!

Charles Finn
Mighty Quinn  #114
Lake Champlain

Philip Gay wrote:

> I was talking with a high end boat dealer at the Seattle boat show 
> last month and he commented that the true measure of the quality of a 
> boat is how well it takes a grounding.  He mentioned that Swans and 
> Baltics are designed to sail in rocky Scandinavian waters.  Outside of 
> the keel, how much damage was done to the keel stub?
> Phil Gay
> C38 049 Que Linda
> Everett, WA
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>     Kerry,  The listserve is alive and well!  I for one have been busy
>     hauling and preparing the Mighty Quinn for the winter.  This
>     always is
>     an expensive and time consuming exercise up here where the water gets
>     "hard" for 3-4 months!  At the same time, it is an opportunity to
>     carefully check out the bottom of the boat.... including the area
>     on the
>     keel where I grounded hard on a reef in heavy weather (I normally
>     would
>     sail right over, but I hit the reef in a trough of a wave at about 7
>     knots).  I took out a good slice of lead at the leading, bottom edge,
>     which will require some significant work.     So, I now am
>     considering
>     whether I should take this opportunity to modify the keel with the
>     Mars
>     torpedo.  Has anyone on the list actually done this?
>     Charles Finn
>     Mighty Quinn #114
>     Kerry Grimes wrote:
>     >empty wrote:
>     > 
>     >
>     >>I have been happy with my 14x12 3 bladed bronze prop fitted in 2004.
>     >>Unfortunately I don't know who supplied it as it was sourced by
>     Salt Creek
>     >>Boat Works in St Pete, FL. who used it to replace the original
>     1981 prop of
>     >>the same spec. Unfortunately I could not recommend SCBW, but
>     that's a whole
>     >>other long story.
>     >>I usually trundle along at 6.5knots on 1800 rpm, although I can
>     go faster
>     >>this gives me my best mpg figures for long trips - about 0.7 gal
>     per hour.
>     >>The propwalk can be quite vicious, but now I've got used to it,
>     and have
>     >>adopted the same tactics as John Erlandson, it works fine, and
>     is very
>     >>useful for coming alongside port side to.
>     >>Mark Turner, The Goose, hull# 80
>     >>
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>     >>
>     >>
>     >>
>     >>   
>     >>
>     >>>Well, I pretty confused now!  Is anybody out there really happy
>     with
>     >>>their prop (assuming you still have the 5424 engine and drive
>     train).
>     >>>And if so, where/who would you rcocmmend buying this from?
>     >>>Please note we are now running our own website and can post
>     >>>gear/equipment recommendations.  We can also steer each other
>     clear of
>     >>>some of the bad deals there are out there....   This of course
>     was not a
>     >>>posibility while we were with Sailnet.
>     >>>
>     >>>Charles Finn
>     >>>Mighty Quiinn #114
>     >>>Burlinton, VT
>     >>>
>     >>>Philip Gay wrote:
>     >>>
>     >>>
>     >>>     

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