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What a timely question?  Linda and I are refinishing the interior wood on Que Linda at this very moment.

The interior wood is teak.  The bulkheads and large panels are a teak faced plywood.  They had an oil finish from the factory and most of them still do.  

Our boat, an '80 model, had so much oil and grime built up over the years that finding a removal technique was a challenge.  We have found that sudsy ammonia and a scotchbright pad work really well at removing the oil.  An alternative that we have been using is a small steamer, but it is pretty slow.  It is good to use in the overhead areas.  We have started with the companionway/galley area along with the head, which were badly water stained.  Another thing that we have done to brighten the surface is to use a 2 stage phosphoric acid product called Te-ka.  It along with sandpaper has done a pretty good job of getting rid of the grey.

What am I finishing it with?  We are varnishing it with a polyurethane varnish.  I am applying 4 coats with a light sand between coats.  The satin finish looks really good right now, I hope holds up.

I would be interested in what others have done also.

Phil Gay
C39 049 Que Linda
Everett, WA

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Can anyone tell me what interior wood and finishes were used in the earlier (hull #69) Cat 38?


Keith Sangster
Poco Loco Dos
Hull # 69
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