[C38] Anchor chain

Charles Finn charles at finn.ws
Mon May 15 12:18:50 EDT 2006

It is time to deal with an upgrade to my anchor chain.  I have a Delta 
35# fastset as my main anchor.  I am going to put new chain on as the 
current length is too short.  My research is confusing to say the 
least!  The "old" solution is galvanized, American chain...  But this 
chain is not really that strong compared to what's available these 
days.  For example, the 5/16 proof coil is good for about 1400# working 
strength, but grade 5/16 grade 70 "binder chain" working load is over 
4000#....   In addition, the grade 70 chain has a "chromate" covering, 
which is clearly harder than galvanized...
So, here are my questions:

1.  What length of chain are you using?
2.  What size?
3.  What type?
4.  Has anybody tried the grade 70? Especially in freshwater?

Comments welcome!
Charles Finn
Mighty Quinn  #114

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