[C38] Starter battery: How many CCA/MCA?

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If the battery is dedicated to starting, I suggest you get a battery 
that is designed for that purpose.   The ideal setup for a C38 (IMO) 
is two large, deep cycle "house" batteries, and a dedicated starting 
battery.   Your charger should support three batteries without having 
to combine them with switching.  The starting battery can be a much 
smaller battery with a CCA rating that is higher than Group 27 
batteries, instead of a deep cycle version, which is not ideal for 
engine starting.   The proper tool for the job.

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>Marc, go with the larger battery, it may weigh a few more pounds, 
>BUT you always want it to work when you need it, nothing worse than 
>listening to it crank when you need to get clear of something.
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>Hey Marc, Sorry cant be of much help, I run a group 27 also.  Never 
>thought of buying anything smaller, even after switching to a gear 
>reduction starter.  Which, by the way is well worth it.  No one was 
>answering, so I thought I'd throw in my thoughts.
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>Hi all,
>I need to replace the starter battery on Image. Do you know how many 
>Cold Cranking Amps or Marine Cranking amps are required? The 
>previous battery was a Group 27 with 600 CCA, I am wondering if I 
>can get away with a Group 24 this time. The engine is the standard 
>Universal 5424.
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