[C38] Engine blower

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There was a design change- Santa Susanna (304) has it also on the starboard side.

Cheers, Steve O

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Mine was located on the starboard side inside the aft lazerette

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Hello All

I'm going to yet again demonstrate my complete ignorance.. but... where exactly is the air blower?

Mine went out a few years ago and I put it on the list of items to fix but the list expanded and my feeble attempt one day to search for it was stopped due to some other pressing issue.

Since I have a diesel engine and don't spend too much time below when the engine is on I assigned it a lower priority than replacing lifelines or repainting the bottom or replacing the battery charger, etc. etc. etc.

So I surmise from this thread that it's on the port quarter and that the intake is starboard. OK, so where exactly should I look?


On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 1:43 PM, Charles Finn <Charles at finn.ws<mailto:Charles at finn.ws>> wrote:


Several issues here.

1. Only gasoline engines MUST have a blower, but it is a very good idea for one on a diesel as it helps with any heavier than air gas that could accumulate in the bilge  (propane for example).  I personally would insist on having a blower regardless of engine type.

2. The blower exhaust hose/s should end up at or near the lowest point inside your boat.  Most C38s had them end just aft of the bilge pump and another in the engine compartment.  Truth on my boat is I have rolled over mine so many times while attending to my "engine room"  (aka Dante's 7th level of hell) that they are 1/2 the size they were originally, but they still do draft!

3. The exhaust blower is on the port side.  The air intake (essential for proper diesel engine performance) is on the starboard.  Diesels use a lot of air and must not become air starved.

4. If you want to ventilate your cabin, use something else than this system as the fumes you are smelling are many feet off the floor.  Probably the best answer here is to install cowl ventilators with a dorade box.  These work all the time when the wind is blowing and really do improve the cabin air.  I also have a solar vent in the head that works ok.

5. I cannot recommend connecting the blower to the ignition.  Install a rocker switch inside the aft locker where it is easily accessible and out of the weather.

Chuck Finn
Mighty Quinn #114
Great Lakes

On 2/22/2018 8:48 AM, Don Strong wrote:

Marc: Discrete Charm is C38 #50, 1980; a real old timer. The engine blower was frozen and crusted with salt and corrosion when I acquired the boat.. My surveyor told me that it was for the original gas engine, which had long ago gone to the scrap heap. I removed the salt-crusted blower and also removed those tubes to make space. I cannot say that my Yanmar diesel needs a blower venting of the engine "room" (aka torture chamber when you have to go there). However, I'm open to others' opinions on the matter.
Regards, Don

On 2/22/18 6:39 AM, Max Soto wrote:

Hi Marc, Estancia came with a blower switch on the engine panel, connected to the accessory side of the ignition switch.

I’m with Steve by not connecting it directly to ignition. I would install a esperaste switch somewhere else on the boat.


Max Soto A.


On Feb 21, 2018, at 16:01, Steve Smolinske <SSmolinske at rainierrubber.com<mailto:SSmolinske at rainierrubber.com>> wrote:

Marc, the two vents one should have a hose that runs to the blower then down into the engine compartment, the other vent is for intake and doesn’t necessarily need a hose.  I would wire the switch separate from the ignition so you could use it without turning on the key.

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The engine blower on Image is not operational and the air hoses and dangling around in the engine room.

Any thoughts on how to rectify this? I would hope a blower would reduce diesel smell down below while under power which would be nice. Where do the hoses to the vents in the stern run? One from the blower to the engine and one back? Or are there two blowers? I only see one on Image on the port side.

Also, for the wiring of the blower: I have a new engine panel (with a volt meter instead of an ammeter as well as a solenoid for the glow plugs). The new panel does not have a blower switch. Would it be acceptable to wire it in with the ignition (which currently starts the fuel pump)?



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