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Charles Finn charles at finn.ws
Fri Sep 28 13:27:25 EDT 2018


I consider one of the design errors S&S and Catalina made on our boat is 
the bow mooring/dock cleat setup.  Works great at anchor or on a 
mooring, but requires we run dock lines over the rail when at a dock, 
which most boats are these days.  Frankly, I don't think any chaffing 
will work well sawing on the rail.  So, I installed a couple guides in a 
portion of the rail that was easily removed.  They are quite secure as 
they are bolted through the bottom portion of the rail.
This still does not answer the problem of where the bow cleat is 
located, but at least I am not sawing off lines!  I did this a couple 
years ago after finding significant wear on a new set of lines over just 
one summer.  So far, I have seen no chaffing in two years even though we 
have had some pretty violent weather!
BTW,  I vote for leather chaffing gear as fire hose is water proof and 
most chaffing failure is due to the heat generated that can be cooled if 
the chaffing gear lets water into the line.

Chuck Finn
Mighty Quinn  #114
Bayfield, Lake Superior

On 9/27/2018 12:01 PM, Larrypi at earthlink.net wrote:
> I have a question, I just ordered new dock lines for Hassle. Typically 
> they wear out due to the toe rail rubbing on them.  What can you all 
> suggest to prevent this?  I was thinking about some shrink wrap but 
> don’t know.  I have used old fire hose before but it kept coming off.
> Larry Malmberg
> 909-208-1847
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