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Steve Smolinske SSmolinske at rainierrubber.com
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This is what I did on Peregrine,

Halyards went to deck top winches, control lines and sheets to cockpit.  I had to fabricate the mast collar, made it so that it bolted to the mast collar using the same fasteners.

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Sorry, forgot to include the pic of the mast collar block  plate.  [image1.jpeg]

Max Soto A

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I bought these from garhauer, but they custom drilled the holes with the mast collar  bolt spacing, which is 5-1/4”, if not mistaken. Then, bought a four sheave turning blocks, spinlock XTS clutches, a Lewmar 30 on port side of the cabin top, and a 40 on starboard.
One of the best mods made on my boat!!
Max Soto A

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I am planning to lead Halyards AFT to the cockpit Starboard side. I would like to know what hardware (block) mast of deck that would be appropriate for  the mast arrangement of the catalina 38.

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