[C38] Electrical System Troubleshooting

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Kevin from Slider.
I sold you the 150% 2 yrs. Ago.
Just getting back in the saddle and wanted to say hi.
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From: Jay Sorensen
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G'Day All,

We've owned Broad Reach, a 1985 C38 with a fairly standard electrical system for about 6 years.  I've diagnosed several electrical issues to date but this one is something a little different.  I replaced our aging starting battery with an AGM group 24 battery on Saturday.  During our outing on Sunday our engine started fine with Battery #1 (AGM starting battery), but when attempting to turn on any system via the panel there was no power.  Try battery #2, no power.  Try "Both", no power.  Check the battery voltage using the panel voltmeter, no power shown at the voltmeter while the engine was running.  Come back to the dock, stop the engine, voltmeter shows 12+ volts power at the panel from both batteries at the voltmeter.  With shore power on the panel will power up when jumping to the battery charger cables running to the battery switch.  Panel will not power up when powered directly to either main battery cable.  Battery cables showing 0.1-0.2 Ohms of resistance but I'm not sure if that is normal.  Turned off shore power, started motor again with switch to #1, started fine, alternator is charging fine.  Weird.  Next I'll try jumping directly to the batteries and bypass the cables but it seems odd that both cables are having issues when they show good voltage.  Frustrating!  Any suggestions??  Maybe something where the engine electrical system interacts with the system power panel inputs??  Many Thanks!...............Jay   

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