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Max, The previous owner had radar at the second spreaders.  To accommodate the wiring there was a two inch hole in the mast.  I called LeFell to make sure welding was okay.  When we stripped the mast a welder came in and closed the hole.  There was a little shrinkage, but no issues.  KerryLoyalty above all else, except honor.  
-------- Original message --------From: Max Soto <maxsoto at gmail.com> Date: 6/20/20  12:59  (GMT-08:00) To: Catalina 38 Listserve <listserve at catalina38.org> Subject: Re: [C38] Mast Question Kerry, What did you welded on the mast?Max Soto A+506-8312-1367On May 17, 2020, at 23:13, littlebreeze <littlebreeze at comcast.net> wrote:That's what we did to ours.  Pulled the mast, stripped it, sanded it welded it, anti corrosion coatings, and finally a bright white.  See no other way out of it.  KerryLittlebreeze, 139Loyalty above all else, except honor.  -------- Original message --------From: larrypi at earthlink.net Date: 5/17/20  12:12  (GMT-08:00) To: Catalina 38 Owners <Listserve at catalina38.org> Subject: [C38] Mast Question Has anyone had their mast turn colors?  Mine has a brown tinge to it now and we have tried washing it to no avail.  Any ideas out there to get it back to a nice white other than pulling and painting?   Thanks in advance. Larry Malmberg909 208 1847 The problem with most political jokes is, they get elected. _______________________________________________Listserve mailing listListserve at catalina38.orghttp://catalina38.org/mailman/listinfo/listserve_catalina38.org
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