[C38] Winch gasket

Pierre Patino pierre.patino at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 21:32:56 EST 2020

Hello All again

I had to take a winch home to rebuild it since I did not have all the tools
onboard and it was completely frozen. It's the jib halyard on the mast. I
had left the jib on for three seasons and because of disuse and inattention
(stupid lazy me) the spindle was rusted. It took some convincing to take it
apart and fix it but that's another story.
I read that there's supposed to be a gasket between the winch and whatever
it's affixed to if the coupling is metal to metal. There was no gasket when
I removed the winch so I was wondering if the gasket was forgotten by the
previous owner or it's just that Lewmar's recommendation is a new one.

In any case, what "gasketing" method is recommended? Just paint it on or
something else?

Thanks again.
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