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Max,I am Sooo jealous!Chuck
-------- Original message --------From: Max soto <maxsoto at gmail.com> Date: 12/20/20  6:19 PM  (GMT-06:00) To: Catalina 38 Listserve <listserve at catalina38.org> Subject: Re: [C38] Replacing winch Chuck, I also wasn’t planning to install an electric one, but I guess I got lucky, really lucky! I got my Port Lewmar 30ST brand new on eBay for $500 a few years ago, but wanted a 40ST for starboard just for easy winching someone up the mast. Long story short, I won a $450 auction for a new 40ST complete electric winch!!!  I just couldn’t believe it! Now is way easier bring someone up the mast 😜Max Soto A.+506-8312-1367Alajuela, Costa RicaOn Dec 20, 2020, at 14:07, Charles Finn <Charles at finn.ws> wrote:
    I have my lines running to the cockpit as I single hand a lot. 
      Starboard side of cabin has my dedicated mainsail halyard winch as
      I like to slack the main down wind and tighten up of course going
    Port side is my mainsheet winch which I find necessary due to the
      curved traveler which is one of the dumber things Catalina did on
      our boat!  Steve S. installed a straight traveler and is is so
      much easier to use!  Right next to the winch is my line to  my
      garhauer vang, which is really helpful for sail trim!
    I tried putting all of my lines on the starboard side as it would
      save me money by only having to buy one self-tailing winch, but it
      is amazing how easy it is for someone to get confused and let go
      the wrong clutch!!!  After just a couple mistakes... and yes, I
      was one of the people who let loose the main halyard when trying
      to control the mainsheet!  I decided to revert to starboard and
      port control areas.
    When I take apart a winch, I am careful to build a "dam" out of
      towels to trap the bits that pop out just when you least expect
      it.  This is really important when servicing the big winches in
      the cockpit and a drape towels over the lifelines and on the deck
      to stop those bits from bouncing on the deck and inevitably
      heading over the side!   One other bit of advice is there really
      is a problem with too much grease on the winch!  Use just enough
      to coat the parts but no more!
    I want to say again that I wouldn't be without my Milwaukee M28
      1/2 inch angle drill!  While I would love to install electric
      winches, I just cannot justify the cost....  So a $500 angle drill
      works great for both sheeting and hoisting.  I even hoisted my 110
      pound grand daughter up the mast using the 2 speed winch in low
    Chuck Finn
      Mighty Quinn #114
      Lake Superior
    On 12/19/2020 12:22 PM, Pierre Patino
        Well I think servicing the winches is simple but keeping
          the boat/clothes/water clean is the hardest. However, I have a
          lot of experience tinkering...
        I personally don't think the two-speed winches are very
          difficult to rebuild.
        Anyway, the kits from Lewmar which contain the grease and
          oil and springs etc. have a small manual. That's where I
        My recommendation for a beginner is to take many pictures
          as you take the winch apart. There are many youtube videos
          such as: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqCunPhQHw4
        Then the cleaning: I used a small bucket with kerosene
          where I put all the gears, pawls, springs etc.  I used a wire
          brush on all the gummed up bits and q-tips for the gear teeth
          as well as the drum teeth.
        Rubber gloves and rags are a must for me.
        There's a zen to winch maintenance.....
        On Sat, Dec 19, 2020 at 7:29
          AM Stephen Swanson <steve-swanson at comcast.net>
          Swanson/ Maverick— Rockport, MA. I love the winch talk.  I
          would like to service the main sheet winch and jib sheet
          winches.  Any ideas about how to approach the task?  I would
          like to do it myself, but want to make sure I can get them
          back together again.  Are 2 speed winches complicated to take
          apart and lubricate?
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          > On Dec 18, 2020, at 11:28 PM, Max Soto <maxsoto at gmail.com> wrote:
          > There are several options. 
          > Sent all my lines to the cockpit and installed a Lewmar
          40st on starboard side to be used with mainsheet and also main
          halyard. Way easier is somebody is grinding me up the mast 
          > You can also leave the q6 where it is, and install the
          new 30 on Port and install a block where the mainsheet is
          attached to, so you can control the mainsheet from both sides.
          > BTW, no gaskets back then. You can install one or use
          Teff gel
          > Hope this helps. 
          > Max Soto A
          > +506-8312-1367
          >> On Dec 18, 2020, at 20:20, Pierre Patino <pierre.patino at gmail.com>
          >> Hi all and happy everything!
          >> I was searching for information on the standard
          winches on our boat in the past Catalina38 listserve messages
          and I found out that some of us have a Lewmar 30 (or other) as
          the mainsheet winch. My boat has the Lewmar16 instead
          >> I decided to get a new Lewmar30 CST Evo since it was
          on sale and because my wife has a harder time cranking on the
          Lewmar 16 and sometimes I need to winch faster when jibing.
          >> So the question is, should I put the new winch where
          the old one was (starboard side of the deck just above the
          chart table) which would mean that I would have to drill some
          new holes and plug the old ones or should I put the new winch
          on the port side athwart of the old one. In the latter case I
          would have to move some blocks too.
          >> I know that there is no simple "best" answer but I'm
          happy to read opinions.
          >> Thanks!
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