[C38] Backstay chainplate removal

Charles Finn charles at finn.ws
Sat Oct 24 12:04:52 EDT 2020

Sorry folks for this coming late, but it was stuck in my email server!

On 10/24/2020 10:58 AM, Charles Finn wrote:
> I looked into this a few years back as I had some gel cracks that sort 
> of suggested my backstay chainplate was in trouble.  My good news was 
> the wooden knee was just fine and I was just being a worry wort 
> expecting no working of the hull cracks to manifest after 40 years!  
> There was elongation of the bolt holes in the wood knee, but no rot.   
> I did however scope out the project and it is substantial!  I was told 
> you probably would need to cut out the knee from the outside of the 
> boat in order to sufficiently reinforce and connect the new knee 
> (which was in my fresh water case going to be aluminum).  I was told 
> that wooden knees were common but a stupid idea much like that wood 
> under our mast step!   Indeed, it was are real achillies heel for the 
> J boats in the 80s as well.  I was givne an estimate back then of 
> $10,000, but I would have most certainly done the job myself as it is 
> really chainsaw and fiber glassing and then cosmetics (ok, it would be 
> a LOT of that! But hey this is Max we are talking to here!)
> If I were to take this on today, I would also address the problem of 
> the rudder post on our boats which is another problem as there is no 
> bearing... just stainless rudder post wearing on fiberglass which in 
> my case has required insertion of mylar sheet shims to get rid of the 
> wear slop.  I would have the post removed and replaced with bearing 
> and a water seal.  I would also take this opportunity to install the 
> autopilot!
> Regards,
> Chuck Finn
> Mighty Quinn #114
> Great Lakes
> On 9/28/2020 4:42 PM, Max soto wrote:
>> Hi everybody, has anyone removed the backstay chainplate on a 38?  I 
>> need to replace mine and seems impossible without removing the wooden 
>> knee  it is attached to inside the lazarette.   Any thoughts??
>> Regards,
>> Max Soto A.
>> C38 Estancia
>> Alajuela, Costa Rica
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