[C38] Replacing winch

Steve Smolinske SSmolinske at rainierrubber.com
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Winch location really comes down to how you use your boat,  I prefer the main sheet winch at the mast on the same side that the reefing winch is on the boom, it makes hoisting, dropping and reefing very simple for one person or short handed crews.  Having winches located forward rather than leading everything to the cockpit forces you to go forward which gives you the opportunity for inspection.   I eventually added two winches mid ship with clutches on both sides for the jib and spin halyards,   two winches on the cabin top for control lines and the primary and secondaries in the cockpit.   For gaskets I used mylar sheet and cut to size for anything metal to metal along with a coat of Duralac.  Duralac  https://www.fisheriessupply.com/saddington-consultants-plus-duralac-anti-corrosion-jointing-compound is another product like Tef-Gel but seems to have a longer life span it is a yellow paste which dries hard.   The primary winches also had a washer style gasket at the base but I was never able to find a replacement and ended up cutting some out of phenolic sheet stock. Your best friend in rebuilding the winches is a schematic and take pictures if you are worried about getting them back together, just take your time taking them apart so you remember how they go back together,  can look daunting when looking at an exploded diagram, but it is pretty easy.

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Tef-gel! Cool! Thanks for telling me about this product! I'm going to use that on my Hobie catamaran as well.

On Fri, Dec 18, 2020 at 8:28 PM Max Soto <maxsoto at gmail.com<mailto:maxsoto at gmail.com>> wrote:
There are several options.
Sent all my lines to the cockpit and installed a Lewmar 40st on starboard side to be used with mainsheet and also main halyard. Way easier is somebody is grinding me up the mast
You can also leave the q6 where it is, and install the new 30 on Port and install a block where the mainsheet is attached to, so you can control the mainsheet from both sides.
BTW, no gaskets back then. You can install one or use Teff gel
Hope this helps.
Max Soto A

> On Dec 18, 2020, at 20:20, Pierre Patino <pierre.patino at gmail.com<mailto:pierre.patino at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Hi all and happy everything!
> I was searching for information on the standard winches on our boat in the past Catalina38 listserve messages and I found out that some of us have a Lewmar 30 (or other) as the mainsheet winch. My boat has the Lewmar16 instead (standard?).
> I decided to get a new Lewmar30 CST Evo since it was on sale and because my wife has a harder time cranking on the Lewmar 16 and sometimes I need to winch faster when jibing.
> So the question is, should I put the new winch where the old one was (starboard side of the deck just above the chart table) which would mean that I would have to drill some new holes and plug the old ones or should I put the new winch on the port side athwart of the old one. In the latter case I would have to move some blocks too.
> I know that there is no simple "best" answer but I'm happy to read opinions.
> Thanks!
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