[C38] looking at getting a C38 - what should i look for?

Thomas O'Connell shastada at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 10:56:14 EDT 2021

After looking at a few Sabre's locally (San Diego), and digging through
their communities i've gotten to the point where there's two things to
always look for with those.. damage done to bulkheads due to leaky
chainplates, and a rotted or rotten mast step due to what some might
consider a design flaw.

Having exhausted that, and still looking for a 80s performance cruiser i've
come upon catalina 38. So I've found myself here seeking out those
'achilles heal' type things unique to these so when i am looking at one i
can focus on those prior to bringing in a surveyor.

Still trying to fumble my way through the listserv archives and
catalina38.org ; not seeing any common trend repeated.. so asking here in
case i'm just missing it, or whatever it is more a catalina in general
thing i'm not aware of / so not dicussed here so much?

Bringing my two worries from the other search
- Chain plates - maybe hard to access but plus side is looks like maybe not
as much of an issue as most are attached to fiberglass and not marine ply?
- Mast Step - haven't run across anyone talking about this so must be
generally ok?

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