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Instead of listening to a delivery captain get a rigger on board,  my rigger told me that most of the dismasting's he see are from rigs that sit with little use and then one day the owner remembers he has a boat and goes sailing.    I have my rig tuned every year by a rigger and I let him tell me the condition.   That said 15 years is old for standing rigging.    On the thru hull let the boat yard tell you if it is a problem.

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Hope the attached is helpful...

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Rigging and thru haul question

Blue Eyes has lived in SF Bay and her skipper wants to go South to Oxnard about 500 miles.

I haven't done that so I found a pilot that will do it. He visited my boat yesterday and asked when was the last time standing rigging was replaced.  I have owned boat for 15 years and haven't replaced.  He said that it should be replaced every 12 years.

The recommendation seems arbitrary to me.  I rarely raise the main because I sail with a girl friend and usually motor or let out the self furling jib so the standing rigging hasn't stressed.  Should I replace?
He says it would cost about $10,000 which is ridiculous to spend on a boat which may be worth $25,000.

Next he noticed rust around the thru hull fitting for the water intake to engine.  Does boat need to be hauled to fix?  It doesn't seem to be leaking but since it was rusted he said that it must be.

He declared Blue Eyes "unfit for sea travel."
He seems like a Boy Scout to me.......life is a risk.
I don't want to be stupid but the chance of Blue Eyes dismasting from San Francisco to Los Angeles and the crew drowning seems negligible.  This skipper only takes Bristol boats.

Questions are:
1. replace standing rigging
2. repair thru-hull fitting.

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