[C38] Engine starting problems

Vassili Valayannopoulos vassilival.boston at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 19:17:12 EDT 2022


I have trouble starting my engine on my Catalina 38, 1981. The engine is
the original M25 Universal that I just had  thoroughly serviced as it was
underperforming and overheating (it had a stuck valve). The engine was
running fine after the service and I made a long 2 day passage with no
issues. 3 weeks later I was unable to start the engine.

The engine cranks but won't start. As usual I warmed up the glow-plugs, had
the batteries recharged and even added a brand new starting battery.

I suspect either water in the muffler or air in the fuel lines. I am trying
to figure out how to access the muffler and how to drain it if it's flooded.

Any other suggestions or ideas?

Many thanks!

Sailing on Naftaki,
Boston, MA
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