[C38] Vented loops

Bruce Brown bbrown at usc.edu
Tue Feb 27 19:34:00 EST 2024

The head on our '84 Catalina 38 is about 3" below the waterline.  We're replacing the old Head Mate toilet with a Jabsco Twist 'n' Lock compact toilet.  There is no vented loop on the 3/4" inlet or 1 1/2" discharge hose.  We have lived with this condition for 35 years and the boat is still floating!  We just make sure the lever is in the dry bowl position when the toilet is not in use, and we close the seacocks when we leave the boat for longer times.  The manuals for both the old and new toilets say it is absolutely necessary to have these vented loops to 8" above the waterline on both the inlet and discharge lines.  Does anyone have an opinion on this?
Bruce Brown
"Out of Film"
Channel Islands Harbor, Ca.
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