Please send tips concerning maintenance and operation of your Catalina 38 to webmaster, Charles Finn.

Notice: The providers of these tips assume no responsibility for their incorporation on your boat. What has worked for them may not work on your boat depending on circumstances of your particular installation. If you have any doubt, check with a professional.

Cutless Bearing Replacement

Dodger Frame

Inner Forestay

Keel Stub Wood Removal Procedure Pre 1988 Catalinas

Propane Tank Location

Repairing Worn Rudder Post Tubes

Stripping Bottom Paint

V Berth Plug Support

Window Leak Repairs

Window Replacement (New)

Keel Conversion Photos

Electric Panel Photos

Seaward Stove Conversion (CNG to Propane)

Universal 5424 Starter Solenoid replacement

Replacing thinwall electrical tubing in mast

Fuel Tank construction drawing

Restoring fogged/scratched plexiglass

Cleaning / working with Stainless, Brass, etc.

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