[C38] Great help

Les Howell hlhowell at pacbell.net
Sun Nov 6 01:24:31 EST 2005

Hi, everyone,
    My head hatch lid is sprung.  Has been for some time.  Last week I was 
going to take it off and work on it some, and broke the screw off in the 
frame for the support.  So I want a new hatch.

    A very nice gentleman named JESS at San Diego Marine Exchange, has spent 
literally hours helping me figure out what to use to replace it.  We now 
have it down to two candidates from Bomar, which should fit the current hole 
and meet my demands (which are that it fit the hole, Ha! Ha!).

    Anyway, wanted to give these guys a plug.  They are great.  I have 
replaced my old Universal with a new M25 XPB.  The impeller is due for 
replacement.  But the pump is a real (explective deleted) with a housing 
that is bolted from the back, so you have to remove the hoses, remove the 
mounting collar from the front of the engine, then remove the back screws 
from the housing to pop it off the impeller.  Then replace the cover to the 
cuff and rebolt it to the engine, and finally reattach the hoses (NO 
KIDDING, this is the procedure in the manual).  A gentleman named FRED dug 
out three differnet Oberdoffer pumps to try to find one that could be put in 
place of this thing, but I don't have the original one off the engine yet 
and the diagrams don't show lengths, etc.  So despite Fred's best effort we 
couldn't replace the housing or the impeller or find a rebuild kit to fit. 
But they suggested another shop down the street.

    Right now I will have to give San Diego Marine Exchange a real high 5. 
So, please, if you need something, give these guys a call.  Their website 
is: http://www.sandiegomarine.com/  And their prices are good as well.

Les H
Les Howell Technical Specialist, Teradyne (retired) hlhowell at pacbell.net 

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