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Merry Christmas from New Orleans, ba humbug.  Haven't seen such 
devastation since 'The Nam'. 

Local marinas took a beating.  The marina where Mysteri is at 70% of boats 
were on the bottom or on land.  It is a mystery how, but Mysteri came 
through with just a few scratches on her fat belly, in spite of a 20+ foot 
surge.  Must be due to the great dock line job I did :)  Would not want to 
test that theory again.  A 35 foot trawler tried to spoil that by 
traveling 22 slips (I know because she brought the dock with the slip # 
with her) landing perpendicular across the road in front of Mysteri 6 
inches from the bow.

Anyone want to buy a lucky '79 75% restored cheap?

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Hi Jan. If you're out there, get in touch as the number I have for you has
expired - presumably due to the circumstances in New Orleans. If any one 
contact details with Jan, please could they make sure he gets this.

Many Thanks
Mark Turner 'The Goose' #80

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