[C38] Spreaders.

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Big rubber mallet, you can move them under load if its small, if it’s a big adjustment loosen them

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According to the catalina 38 one design racing rules, the uppers are 32" and the
lowers are 40".  But how do I do it? Maybe loosen the shrouds, move the spreaders to the proper angle and have someone below tighten the shrouds while I hold it at the proper angle?

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Measure the distance from the tip of the spreader to the edge of the mast,  Not sure what it is supposed to be but I think it is in a previous thread from years ago.

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Can someone explain how to properly adjust the spreader angles?  I know that the uppers are 7 degrees and the lowers are 1 degree.

Thank you guys,

Rich Grassia "MERRICONEAG"
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