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Ray Torok torok13731 at gmail.com
Thu May 25 22:55:41 EDT 2017

After reading the attached article and looking at the propellers at a boat
show, I chose a Flex-o-Fold.  While not adjustable, it is mechanically
simple, which I saw as an advantage, and has excellent performance.  I went
with a two-bladed version for my Universal M35B. Sometimes when motoring
into 20-25 knots on S.F. Bay I feel like the three-bladed version might
have been the better choice.

two cents,
Ray Torok
Thira #37
S.F. Bay

On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 9:54 AM, Charles Finn <Charles at finn.ws> wrote:

> Hi folks!
> I am just about to install my completely rebuilt yanmar 3jh3-e  and it is
> time to decide on a prop.   I am down to either a flex-o-fold or max prop.
> I am looking for opinions and advice!
> I will be sailing a lot of miles as I once again will cruise all the Great
> Lakes as I move the boat from Lake Champlain to Lake Superior.  The upgrade
> to a 40hp was both to give me the power my Universal 5424 did not have and
> to cruise near boat speed without having to operate the engine at max power.
> For those of you who have not heard, I got caught at anchor in a 55 kt
> blow on a lea shore last summer that did about $15k to my boat. I was on
> shore watching the storm on the lake to the north (on radar), when it
> doglegged south and all hell broke loose!  I barely made it to the boat,
> which was dragging on my 35# delta anchor as the wind made square waves
> over 5' and tore the firmly embedded anchor out of a clay bottom.  And
> before anyone asks, I have 60' of 5/8 chain and was on a more than 5:1
> rode.  With the motor flat out and the anchor helping as it reset and then
> broke free again and again, I was barely able to deep off the rock ledge
> shore, but it was wack-a-mole with other boats who were dragging anchors
> and even moorings!  So as I was struggling to save my boat, three of my
> friends with big motors powered out of the bay into the open lake. They had
> a hell of a ride, but at least were able to make it to safety.
> By the way, I immediately went out and bought a rocna 45# anchor and it is
> amazing how this anchor sets and holds!  There is a huge difference and for
> those of us who sleep (or don't) many nights at anchor.... this one is
> something you should strongly consider regardless of the price!
> Thanks,
> Charles Finn
> Mighty Quinn #114
> Great Lakes
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