[C38] Transmission shifting vs. RPM

Duff, Russ (R.W.) rduff at visteon.com
Mon Nov 7 11:19:14 EST 2005

I have an '81 with the Universal Diesel 5424/M30 and probably whatever stock
transmission came with it.  My transmission is VERY slow to shift at lower
RPM's.  I need to be well over 1200 RPM to get a quick shift.  To get it to
shift into gear quickly, I need to have the engine revving pretty high. This
makes maneuvering in close quarters very difficult and draws a lot of
attention with the engine revving and the transmission clunking and the
water foaming....  I am getting used to shifting early at low RPM's to make
up for the delay, but sometimes it won't even shift.  Has anyone else had
this problem, or know it's cause and/or solution?  The transmission level is
correct. Thanks. 

Russ Duff 
Catalina 38, Hull #112 
Lake Erie 
Grosse Ile, Michigan 

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