[C38] Universal 5424 Charging problems

Jim and Barbara williams at barbara-james.com
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Brownings in Virginia Beach has a great reputation for fixing marine
generators and starters.  I think it cost less than $100 to get mine fixed.
They put in new bearings, diodes and painted it to look like new. I'll bet
that they would give you same-day service if you called to arrange it.  You
could drive down, drop off the alternator, take a harbor tour and/or tour
the battleship Wisconsin, pick up the alternator and zip back home.

I'm sure they could arrange shipping as well, but where's the fun in that?

Jim Williams
C38 #180
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Last weekend we decided to use the autopilot to steer as we powered from the
far side of the Bay back into Solomon’s Island.  As we entered the Patuxent
River, we switched on our running lights as it was getting dark.  By the
time, we returned to our slip, the battery was completely drained.

Our Catalina 38 has the original universal 5424 engine.  I checked the
ammeter on the engine panel and the alternator appears to be putting out
zero to two amps.  This is well below the 51 amps that it is rated for.  

I checked on line at Torresen Marine and a new
alternator is about $500.00 with freight.   This was
quite a shock since auto parts stores sell alternators in the $50.00 price
Does anyone know if an auto alternator is compatible with the Universal
5424?  In addition, is there anything else that I need to check before
replacing the alternator?
Rob Cornelsen
Catalina 38 #223

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