[C38] Fuel tank

Kerry Grimes littlebreeze at comcast.net
Thu Nov 3 23:06:57 EST 2005

John Erlandson wrote:
> I removed mine a few months ago, it was easily done by one person. I had the
> tank cleaned and reinstalled in one day. The tank did have some black hard
> deposits on the bottom that came out with degreaser and hot water.
> John-
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>>Has anyone removed their fuel tank?  Were there any problems I should be
>>aware of?
>>Kerry Grimes
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Thanks John
I'll concider it a weekend project then.  I had planned on replacing all 
the filters and fuel line at the same time including installing an 8" 
access plate for future inspections and to make it easer to clean.  I 
hope there is not any corrostion under or in the tank.


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