[C38] Great help

Les Howell hlhowell at pacbell.net
Sun Nov 6 13:59:25 EST 2005

We Have it down to two.  Jess is going to get price and delivery for both 
and then I will choose one and go for it.  I'll let you know.
    I was really surprised at the number of hatch styles available, and the 
differing specs.  There is even one that "vents", but I don't think I want 
that, because to me venting means water inside at some point.
    Both models are cast aluminum (as our originals are), but the model on 
our boats is no longer available.  One is standard anodized with dark smoke 
as standard glazing.  The other is powder coated black or white with smoke 
glazing as standard.   (Crossing fingers and hoping for a good price XX).

    I was really dumb about hatches, so it took a bit of figuring for Jess 
to explain the required measurements.  And some terminology (did you know 
that the part of a hatch frame that extends down into the deck is called a 
spiggot?).  But we got it.  By the way for those contemplating such a 
change, the measurements that are necessary are:

        1.  hatch cover outer dimension.
        2.  Deck flange outer dimension (from one edge at the deck to the 
other edge at the deck).
        3.  Interior opening width and length.
        4.  Spiggot width and length (from the outer dimension.  In our 
boats the interior trim goes outside of the spiggot, so from trim to trim 
across the hatch opening.  Look carefully at how it is assembled and you can 
see it.
        5.  Interior trim width (new trim will have to be as wide or wider.
        6.  Clearance if you wish to put in a larger hatch.  For our head 
hatches, they are near the "partners" that support the mast, with only 6" 
between the aft end of the hatch and the forward side of the mast.  I would 
expect the partner member to be at least 4" and probably 6" to handle the 
strain of our tall rigs.
        7.  Closed cover height above the deck.
        8.  One support or two.
        9.  Color of flange and trim (off white for ours)
       10.  color of glazing.  There are a lot of colors available in some 

    Hope this helps.

    I'll send the two model numbers and tell which one I chose later.

Les H
Les Howell Technical Specialist, Teradyne (retired) hlhowell at pacbell.net 

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