[C38] Transmission shifting vs. RPM

Rich West rw at idea-asylum.com
Mon Nov 7 16:04:12 EST 2005

The first time I changed my trans. fluid, I removed the plug on the bottom -
what a mess.  Then next time I changed it, I could not get the bottom plug
off so I used a pump and sucked the oil out from the top plug - much better.
I used a piece of rigid nylon tubing attached to my hand pump.

Rich, Legacy, #360

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Hmmm...   The Mighty Quinn has been slower to shift of late, but I chose
not to pay attention (I do this from time to time, usually to no good
outcome).  I just dug out my manual for the transmission and it says to
change transmission oil every 300 hours of year (which ever comes
first).  I think I will do this on my next visit to the boat!  But the
picture shows the drain plug on the bottom of the transmission, which
does not look very accessible.  Do folks use a pump to change fluid
through the fill hole or what?

Mighty Quinn  #114

CATALINA38 at aol.com wrote:

> Hi Russ,
> I had that problem when I first got "Grand Design" back in '99.  I
> hope your problem will not be the same as mine.  I had to replace the
> transmission because the fluids were not changed regularly and turned
> into some sort of shellac.  (the cost to rebuilld was as much as
> replace) You may be lucky and its just an adjustment to your linkage.
> I now change transmission fluid every time I have the engine
> serviced....(he's already down there anyways!)
> Good Luck!
> Scott,
> "Grand Design", #270
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