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Hi, Rod,
    Would you mind supplying the details of the glass work you have done to the tabs and settee's?

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  Hi Jon and group,


  We took Joint Adventure offshore from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas, last month. The second night out we encountered gale force winds, seas were 4-6 meters. I'm happy to report JA held up just fine with no stress noises, creaking bulkheads and she took good care of us. We were running off the wind at about 120-130 degrees apparent wind. When the winds overcame our double reefed main, 10% reefed 110 Yankee and monitor windvane (we were on our ear, surfing at over 10 kts). I decided to forereach under mainsail only. We rolled up the headsail and slowly turned into the wind between seas and the motion was very comfortable, with 0* heel, with SOG about 1 kt. We have always had problems with JA spinning off while hove-to, which is why we forereached. I would be interested to know if any of can successfully hove-to, in gale force winds, and what sail combo you were using. Our mainsail has 2 reef points, not counting the flattening reef, our first reef is actually a half reef and our second reef is actually a whole reef. In retrospect, I wouldn't mind having one more reef point put in the sail. We have a storm trysail and a second track to hoist it on but conditions did not warrant using that sail. Actually I didn't really care to go up a hang a sail I haven't tried out yet.


  We find the cockpit drains adequate, and have a dodger to keep water from coming in from the forward deck. We have no inner forestay. JA is stock except for some glass work at the main bulkhead tabs and under the settee's. I keep my rig tigh,. I don't like it bouncing around under shock loads. I think my uppers, mids, and forward lowers are set at 2350lbs. I would have to check to confirm this. Running off the wind I tightened the backstay and lost a knot of boat speed. I can't give a number for this as the gauge on the Navtec doesn't work.


  At one point we knocked out 428 nm in 3 days, 5.9 kt average with 2 reefs in the main and the 150 genoa up front, winds were 20-30 kts., the monitor winvane was steering.

  I hope this helps.

  Rod and Patti Headlee

  S/V Joint Adventure Hull #12

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    I own a Catalina 38, Osprey and moor her in Portsmouth RI.  I am outfitting Osprey up for an eventual offshore trip to Bermuda and beyond and I am trying to get some feedback from people that have sailed their Catalina 38's offshore.  I have sailed many time offshore on other peoples boats, but never on my Osprey.

    How do the Catalina 38's handle in off shore conditions?  What were some of the conditions readers have experienced?  What do you carry for sail when you go offshore?  Do you have a inner forestay on your Catalina 38?  

    I am thinking of installing a inner forestay on Osprey.  Did you do it yourself?  How does she handle when sailing with a sail on the inner forestay?  Do you often sail with a sail on the inner forestay?  Do you use running back stays? 

    What about the cockpit scuppers, are they large enough?  Has anyone done any modifications to the cabin entry hatch to reduce its size, or isn't it a problem?  The cabin entry hatch is quite large for offshore sailing.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    With Best Regards,
    Jon Bixby
    Portsmouth, RI


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