[C38] "light air"?

Don Strong drstrong at ucdavis.edu
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In SFB, "light air" means that you don't have to reef. We do see this 
once in a while.

On 5/9/16 1:14 PM, littlebreeze at comcast.net wrote:
> Marc, great questions.  When I first bought Little Breeze she had a 
> Mylar 155.  It was leaching some sort of adhesive and was one big ball 
> of plastic wrap.  Had to throw it away, the boat was from San Diego. 
>  We sail the San Francisco bay area now.  So, could you explain the 
> term "light air".  Never heard of it.
> Kerry Grimes
> 139, Little Breeze
> Loyalty above all else, except Honor.
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> Subject: [C38] Getting going in light air
> Date: Mon, May 9, 2016 11:49
> Hi folks,
> I did the Race to the Straits up here in the Puget Sound and it was a 
> tough one. Lots of current and little wind.
> In drifting conditions I used a mylar daisy windseeker (thanks Steve!) 
> and we started moving. For more wind than that, we have a hole in the 
> sail inventory. Currently we only have a pretty heavy cruising #2 
> genoa (8.7oz dacron I believe) on the roller furler.
> I was curious what you guys are doing to get the boat moving in light 
> air. Do you have dedicated light #1’s? In Sailing Illustrated there is 
> also talk about a 155% drifter and a mylar #1 genoa. Is anyone using 
> those?
> Finally, is there anything I can do in terms of trim in order to get 
> the boat going in light air?
> Thanks
> marc
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