[C38] Engine stop lever / pull to kill cable

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Thanks David, tiller conversion is one of the things I'm looking into for a couple of reasons. I recently installed an oversize wheel which is nice for downwind sailing in a breeze (and fits my size better, I'm 6'6" so the 32" wheel was on the low side for me) but really limits the feel on the helm. I also talked to Edson about rebuilding the pedestal and they said that after 35 years of use I'd be better off putting a new one on.

How did you like the tiller steering? What kind of tiller did you end up using or did you make a custom one?

I'll look into retrofitting parts from a newer engine onto mine, if it is still the same engine, that should be possible. The local Universal service rep suggested a similar approach.
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The throttle pull-back method of killing the engine was, from what I recall, how the 5424s were set up for only a few years.   The other years the engines were designed for a separate cut-off lever.

When I pulled the pedestal on Superstar to put the tiller on, I had to address the same issue, as most engine controls on the market now combine throttle and shift, which doesn't provide a means to pull the throttle back further than the center "idle" position.

I started designing a custom solution for a separate shut-off lever, which involved one or two sliding brackets to allow the throttle to move throughout its range, and to provide for the second cable that would only perform the shut-off function.  I never got to the building or testing stages as my mechanic found a used Morse control with separate levers for throttle and shift, which was compatible with the existing engine shut-off method.

I don't know of an easy way to do what you want to do, as your engine wasn't designed to work that way.    Perhaps you could research the possibility of retrofitting parts from the later engine that had the separate shut-off cable.  I never looked into that option.

If it will help, I am pretty sure I have the cables with the "T" handles and some new chrome angled escutcheons to mount in the cockpit that I purchased when I was going with that plan. If you need them, let me know and I will verify what I have and come up with a great price for you.

Good luck!

David Epstein
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On Image, I currently have separate throttle and shifter levers at the helm. In order to shut down the engine, I need pull back on the throttle. I would like to add a pull to kill cable (T-handle in the cockpit to kill the engine). I know some boats have this (saw it on Peregrine for example). On the engine I don’t see a way to attach a kill cable – any ideas? My engine is an Universal 5424 – original as far as I know.


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