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Steve Smolinske SSmolinske at rainierrubber.com
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I had them made by a company called Duraweld http://www.plasticfabricatedtanks.com/

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A question for Steve:

Where did you find those plastic tanks that fit so nicely under the settee?  I have been looking at bladders that might fit there with the intent of increasing my water storage for cruising.

Others with thoughts on increasing the water storage please chime in.

Thanks,  Ray

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Wow! As usual, you guys are tremendous source of great information.  Thanks to all.


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On Peregrine

The port tank vented inside the forward port locker, the starboard vented inside the hanging locker, I also disconnected the deck fill and put ports on the both the starboard and port tanks located under each settee in the main salon so as to fill from inside the boat, approximately 18 gallons each side.  No possibility of any contamination getting into the water tanks.  I also removed the water tank in the bow in order to get weight aft and lower for better sailing performance. Both tanks fed to valves located in the bilge, so that I could isolate which tank was being pulled from.


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The forward water tank on Que Linda was vented through the fill cap.  I replaced one of the starboard stanchions with a vented one.  It had a hose connection on the base, to which I connected a vent line, that protrudes through the deck, .  The stanchion had a small hole on the aft side about 8" above the deck.  By the way the holding tank was vented to the base of a stanchion on the port side of the boat in the same way.  I think I bought the stanchion from Catalina Direct but not sure.
Phil Gay
former owner of Que Linda
Everett WA

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My over flow goes into sink
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We vented ours inside so the overflow when filling goes into the bilge, a little fresh water flush out.  LOL

Larry Malmberg
Team Hassle
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Our vent is inside the stuachen on the starboard side aft of the fill vent.

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Our water tank vents out on the starboard side of the deck  just next to the screw cap water fill. It has a vent identical to #1 in this article, which gives some useful info.
Don Strong
Discreet Charm, C38
Emerycove, SF Bay

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Hello all,

My water tank is vented through a small hole in a screw-on cap on the top of the tank.  I have to believe there must be better solutions out there.  It seems like a vent out the side of the boat like the one for the holding tank would eventually let seawater into the water tank.  I'd appreciate any suggestions or solutions.

Thanks much,

Ray Torok
Thira, #37
San Francisco

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