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Chuck, send me a private e mail to larrypi at earthlink.net
<mailto:larrypi at earthlink.net>  and I'll send you my address, include yours
and the cost and I'll get you payment out.  Thank You.


Larry Malmberg

909 208 1847


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I have two burgees left!  Wow! I had these made way back around 2010 and it
took some looking to find the two remaining ones as we moved from New York
to Wisconsin in the interim!  I think the cost was $25?

Chuck Finn
Catalina 38 International Association

On 9/11/2020 4:43 PM, larrypi at earthlink.net <mailto:larrypi at earthlink.net>

Sometime ago there were listed burgees for sale.  Any still around?


Larry Malmberg

909 208 1847


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