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Larry,  I replaced our boat with  the PSS dripless around 2006 and it's still working great.
Cheers, Steve

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Hi Larry I installed the PSS dripless system from PYI.  Has been working really good since 2015. Love not having to adjust it every now and then.
For the rudder... no matter what I use, it always  drips.   With new packing gland the only difference is the amount of water that comes in...  I’ll like to use the 3/8 round stuffing cord 8nstead of the square one.  Seems to seal better.
Hope this helps.

Max Soto A.
Alajuela, Costa Rica

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Howdy all, hope this finds all of you well.  We are good here.  Has anyone replaced their stuffing box with a dripless system?  If so, what system did you use and please, the pros and cons about it.  Also, rudder stuffing, any problems with is leaking and what should be done.

Thanks in advance,

Larry Malmberg - Hassle

909 208 1847

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