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Michelle Diaz diaz_michelle at yahoo.com
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I removed the original pressurized alcohol stove on Dulcinea #110 almost immediately upon purchase some 8 years ago.  In its space I built a three-tiered frame utilizing the original gimbal bracket to accommodate a small 600w microwave on the lowest tier, a convection toaster oven on the middle tier, and a 2 burner electric cooktop.  I lived on my boat the first three years while I was restoring her and this worked great. Rewiring the shorepower electrical being the obvious first thing I did to make sure to accommodate the amperage and GFCIs for my electric appliances safely!  At Blue Pelican consignment chandelry in Alameda, CA some time later, I found and purchased an Origo 3000 2-burner non-pressurized alcohol stove top and use it on the hook which is pretty rarely, she's virtually only a day-sailor these past few years. The Origo stove is basically two giant sterno cans in a fancy frame.  It's a cooler, blue-nearly-colorless flame than on a propane stove so you have to be really careful, but it works well enough. The biggest challenge is that since purchasing the stove, California has banned the sale of the formerly available industrial pure alcohol, so the new/legal substitute stove alcohol blends don't cook nearly as well.


    On Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 9:22:18 AM PST, Pierre Patino <pierre.patino at gmail.com> wrote:  
 Hello AllWe're strictly day sailors with very occasional overnights. The stove has never been used in more than 20 years and it's the original one. After looking at the threads since 2007 regarding stove replacements it seems that repurposing the space (refrigerator) and replacements and hybrid solutions are available. If we were looking for an easy-fitting stove replacement, does anyone have a recommendation on where to look first? No oven needed by the way.
Also, we're thinking of an electric stove to be used only with shore power(we have 120V at 30A). Anybody have a good/bad story? Thanks!
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