[C38] Stove Replacement

Charles Finn Charles at finn.ws
Wed Nov 18 11:08:26 EST 2020


We converted our stove to propane a long time ago and do a lot of long 
sailing trips so the oven is important to us.  I also use the oven 
during thunderstorms to protect some of my electronics (Faraday Cage).   
But our RV does not have an oven and we seem to do just fine on long 
trips, using a grill outside just like we do on the boat.  You could 
install a fridge in the stove space and there are off the shelf 12 volt 
units available that will fit. Perfect for the chilled beer or wine!

I have seen other C38s who have gotten rid of the stove and simply pull 
out the coleman propane stove top when the need it. one pound cylinders 
work fine for heating coffee, tea, soup, etc. but do keep a few extras 
on board!

If you are going to replace the stove, please do get a gym-balled one! I 
have two friends with bad burns from non gym balled units.

Good Luck!
Chuck Finn
Mighty Quinn #114
Lake Superior

On 11/17/2020 11:21 AM, Pierre Patino wrote:
> Hello All
> We're strictly day sailors with very occasional overnights. The stove 
> has never been used in more than 20 years and it's the original one. 
> After looking at the threads since 2007 regarding stove replacements 
> it seems that repurposing the space (refrigerator) and replacements 
> and hybrid solutions are available. If we were looking for an 
> easy-fitting stove replacement, does anyone have a recommendation on 
> where to look first? No oven needed by the way.
> Also, we're thinking of an electric stove to be used only with shore 
> power(we have 120V at 30A). Anybody have a good/bad story? Thanks!
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