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One Citizen, One Vote - "Stop the steal!" M.W.Lewis Version 1


The 2020 U.S. election spurred me into action.  I, like millions of Americans, believe the election was fraudulent, in spite of what you hear from the "Fake News" main (lame) stream media.

I've already seen enough evidence to know substantial fraud took place.  Enough to change winners to losers, and steal the election.

It wasn't thousands of votes, it was millions! Now I've committed myself to proving it to all citizens, regardless of your race, religion or party.

And in addition:

We need a fraud proof election system.

I intend to develop one; American made, owned, and operated.  Or participate in doing so.

At my beloved mother's wake, I spoke and told the audience that I had never once heard my mother swear my entire life (58 years at that time), but I more than make up for her share.

This book is "unvarnished".  I thought about toning it down, but decided "shit" is more descriptive than "poop", and you don't have to step in it to recognize it when you see it!

As I write this in December 2020, the country is rushing to confirm a fraudulent election, and therefore a fraudulent President.

I recognize those are powerful words with powerful consequences, and as Senator Chuck Schumer said:  the intelligence community has six ways to get you, referring to President Trump's criticism of them (i.e. the swamp and deep state).

However, we are heading for a congressional showdown on January 6, 2021, where both the House and Senate will be forced to investigate - or at least debate - voter fraud and the certification of the electoral college.  Inauguration day is January 20, 2021.

As many American citizens as possible need to be aware of the breadth and depth of this election fraud, and the Democrats efforts to conceal it, with their cohorts, the "Fake News" media, as well as certain billionaires, celebrities, and poll workers.

As I name names, and call people names, I fully expect to be sued, arrested, or both.  So be it.  The truth shall set you free!  I can finish my book from my jail cell, and you heard it here first!

I will never commit suicide!

What you are about to read, I believe is true.  The opinions are mine.  If, as you fact check, you find errors in content or punctuation, please send them to me and I'll correct them for the next version. There are videos to support much of the content in this book, that I didn't have time to find and provide the links.  I will in future versions/editions, and welcome those who can assist.

If you're an American citizen who loves this country as much as I do and have facts or data,  I need your help and courage to determine the whole truth.

If you speak other languages (like Melania Trump), please feel free to translate this and post it for all to see.

You internet gurus can help me make this go viral and post it in places Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Page and Brin can't CENSOR!

I am calling for 10,000,000 American patriotic men to join me on the steps of the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. on January 5th at 9am - and those who can, come prepared to stay until January 20th.

The sole purpose of this protest march on Washington is to DEMAND that every legal vote from the 2020 election be counted, and every illegal vote not be counted.

President Trump has called for a rally on the 6th.  Lets come a day early and ask him to come and pray with us.  God is the only one who can turn this voting Titanic around and stop our country from sinking (Psalms 90).

Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy must demand every Republican Senator and House member sign joint letters to demand a debate on the 6th. If all Democrats can vote to impeach our President, SURELY we can do the same to stop the steal!

Don't worry about having to go on record and vote to stop the certification after the debate.  Worry about what happens if you don't!  We'll start a new branch of the Republican Party, Trump Republicans, and vote you all out!

President Trump is the leader of the Republican Party and deserves no less.  Who knows, maybe there is an honest Democrat or two who will join you.

We'll demand that our elected Senators and House of Representatives from all 50 states, Democrats and Republicans, not certify this election on January 6th until every state conducts an audit of their actual paper ballots, to verify citizenship, residency, signatures, and one vote per citizen.  If the result is for Biden, so be it, we can all go home.

We'll demand our Supreme Court hear the case brought by Texas, joined by 17 other states, against states who did not conduct elections that verify citizenship, residency, signatures, and were received by midnight election day.  This is their duty under "original jurisdiction" in the Constitution, to hear cases between states.

If states cannot produce legitimate ballots (because they destroyed them), they won't be counted.   No legalese from Chief Justice Roberts that it's already decided. Texas and/or one of the 17 can file it again.

I'm calling on Joe Biden and Democrats, to join us and call for the audit, lest he become our illegitimate President if he didn't win.  If he did legitimately win, he and the Democrats have nothing to fear or hide.

Leave for D.C. early, as the roads will be packed.

Bring your state flag, or banner, your tents, campers, portable grills, warm clothing, extra food, and we'll set up camps around each state flag, of which I believe will include all 50 states.  Leave your guns at home, as this will be a peaceful rally.

I'm not discriminating  against women or children, but if Antifa or Black Lives Matter arrive and try to start violence, I want Men who will stand our ground.  As they are cowards and bullies who attack the weak and elderly, I don't expect them to show, but that's out of my control.

Come bikers, truck drivers, cab, Uber, and Lyft drivers. Come by cars, buses, trains, and planes. Come restaurants, gyms, churches - Rick Warren bring a bus, or 100 buses, from Saddleback, Franklin Graham - bring Samaritan's Purse. Come all others who are being locked down.

Come Veterans and men who are children or grandchildren of veterans (like you black men who are descendants of those brave Tuskegee Airmen!).  Come farmers, police, firemen, sheriffs and Shriners.  Come Kiwanis (Long Beach and Saginaw), Lions, and Rotary clubs.  Come Tunnel to Towers, Wounded Warriors, Veterans Lodge members, and Mammoth.

Come California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Alaska, and Hawaii. Come Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia!  You Georgia men vote your absentee ballot, or as soon as the polls open on the 5th, then hit the road, we'll wait up for you!

Come Nevada and Arizona.  Come Texas and Florida! Come Alabama (now my home state) and from across the South.  Come Dakotas, Ohio, Come red states, and blue states.

Come college and university alumni and students, and plant your flags with your states.  Come Michigan State Spartans (my alma mater), and Crimson Tide and War Eagle.  Come brave hearts.

Come "stop the stealers"!  Come black, white, hispanic, cowboys and Indians (and I don't just mean Dallas and Cleveland)! All races, religions, Democrats and Republicans are welcome as long as you support  [audited] election ballots before January 20, 2021.  If you don't?  Hold your own rally.

If you are ill or elderly with Covid concerns, stay home!

Bring your masks out of respect for others, but with millions of people we won't be social distancing.

Call your House and Senate Representatives, both state and federal, and demand they investigate and debate this on January 6th, or until the 20th, if that's what it takes for an honest audit of ballots in every state!

If we don't get equal justice under the law, as required by our Constitution, and our Supreme Court refuses to hear the Texas suit, then those who can stay, can join me in a rally to "tar and feather" Chief "Coward" Justice John Roberts, in effigy, at the inaugural session on January 20th, and the other six Justices who voted to refuse to hear the Texas case.  McConnell and McCarthy too, if they don't publicly demand all our elected Republicans to sign joint letters to debate on the 6th.  I'll provide the lookalike dummies - pun intended.

If everyone who attended a Trump rally over the last five years (as I did in Pensacola in 2018), can find a way to make it to this one, we'll easily have over 1,000,000 people!  If you can't make it to D.C. rally on the steps of your states' Supreme Court building, January 5th, at 9am.  You Californians can sign the petition to recall Newsome while you're there!

10,000,000?  If millions of Americans risked or gave their lives defeating Hitler and other adversaries to preserve our freedom, surely we can get a few million people to honor their sacrifice by coming to ensure it wasn't in vain.

Come to Washington and help us demonstrate to the country and the world; we are still the land of the free and home of the brave!

My mother, for punishment and penmanship, made us write 100 times:

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party.

Allow me to modify:

Now is the time for all brave men and women to come to the aid of their country!

Have a blessed Merry Christmas and happy New Year, then come.

Dedicated to:

My three sons, family, friends, and all patriots:

Dear Lord:  "Forgive me for what I've said, and failed to say; and for what I've done, and failed to do."


  1.  One Citizen, One Vote
  2.  Stop the Steal!
  3.  Guess what Blue States?  Your State may not really be blue!
  4.  Our Not so Supreme Courts
  5.  Democrats and the FAKE NEWS
  6.  Brave Hearts
  7.  Boycott China and Liberal Businesses

Chapter 1

One Citizen, One Vote

As I write this in December of 2020, we've just finished a national election in  the United States where there are allegations of voter fraud, many lawsuits, and millions of Americans chanting "Stop The Steal".

I'll attempt to stay non-partisan in this chapter and focus on the process rather than the actors.

First:  You must be a citizen to vote.  The U.S. Constitution is very clear on that point.  Most Americans have never read the constitution, and therefore have a very limited perspective on what it actually says.  It is reprinted in Appendix A, in its entirety, including the 27 times it's been amended.  I encourage you to read it.

You must be able to prove you are a citizen and that the citizen you claim to be is actually you…i.e. no stolen identities.  And, it goes almost without saying:  you must be alive to vote!  Shamefully, many fraudulent ballots from people dead for decades get counted, and not by accident.  And, if we allow non-citizens to vote, we might as well send ballots to the Russians and Chinese, or with our porous southern border, Mexico, Central and South America.

Second:  One vote per citizen.  You must declare your state of residency, and have proof you actually live there.  The fact that you may be wealthy and have multiple homes, or lived in multiple states,  doesn't grant you the privilege of multiple votes.  Nor does the fact that your local government sent you multiple ballots permit you to vote more than once.  You may not vote for someone else or allow them to vote for you, nor permit others to fill out ballots that are not their own (exceptions for the disabled).

In the United States, elections are conducted at the state level, including national elections.  Likewise, every state also has its own Constitution that governs the voting process.  Constitutions are the bedrock of government, and as a result are very old legal documents and very difficult to change.  The U.S. Constitution requires 75% of the state legislatures to approve any amendments (changes), within seven  years!  In states, Pennsylvania, for example, the legislature must approve changes to the State Constitution in two separate consecutive sessions, then must advertise the proposed changes in two newspapers in every county in the state for three months, and finally the changes must be approved in a statewide election.

Regrettably many states have circumvented their own constitutions and the U.S. constitution by not enforcing proof of citizenship, residence, and only allowing one vote.  In 2020, purportedly due to Covid-19, many states distributed large numbers of unsolicited ballots to permit voters to not vote in person.  In most states, including those who permitted it, the Constitution states an absentee ballot must be requested by the voter!  Disputes are raging about duplicate voting and lack of proof of citizenship and/or residence.  Several states stopped counting ballots the evening of the election, and then by early morning a massive number of votes suddenly appeared for the candidate that was behind.

Regardless of your political party affiliation, this should alarm all American citizens!  Today it may favor your candidate, but if cheating is condoned or ignored, it will encourage more cheating.

It's like stopping a sporting game near the end, clearing the field of everyone, then changing the score without witnesses or explanation, so the losing team is now winning, and then starting the game again with no time left for asking questions!  Imagine the protests if that happened in sports?

If our U.S. and State Constitutions are allowed to be ignored, or permit picking and choosing what will be enforced, we will have no law, no order, no country! They'll come for your guns today, and for your gold and bibles tomorrow!  You won't be able to get a fair trial or ensure the safety of your family.

We must insist on One citizen, One vote, and proof of citizenship and residence.  Ballots should be assigned sequential serial numbers, have legible verifiable signatures, and be preserved until at least the end of the longest term being voted for on the ballot (i.e. six years for a national election with Senators on the ballot.)  You should receive a card with your ballots serial number, and have secure access to a database to verify that your ballot image (and only your ballot) is the same as you voted it to be.

By keeping the physical ballots, election disputes and manipulation of voter machine data can be audited.  By ensuring each ballot can be verified by each voter, we can prevent fraudulent manipulation of the actual ballot.  As I write this, some states with disputed results (Michigan) are rushing to destroy election data to prevent an audit.  What are they hiding?

Most state Constitutions require you to request an absentee ballot and have a reason.  Many states  mailed multiple unsolicited ballots to dead people, people who no longer lived in the state, people who weren't registered, to non-citizens… to mention a few of the techniques.  My sister received two sets of unsolicited ballots at her home in Michigan.  Absentee ballots should only be sent when requested, that ballot should have a serial number, date requested, signature verification, date mailed to the voter, and date stamped when it was returned.

The task of interpreting the Constitution is the job of the Supreme Court.  States have a Supreme Court for their state Constitutions, and we have a U.S. Supreme Court for the U.S. Constitution.  They are not permitted to write or change the law, only rule on what lawmakers intended when they wrote them.

The State Of Texas, has been joined by 17 other states, in suing Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia for not upholding their own state Constitutions, OR THE FEDERAL CONSTITUTION, in the 2020 election, by not verifying citizenship, residence, signatures, and one ballot per voter.  Fraudulent votes from any state must not be counted or you disenfranchise all voters.  Again, fraud permitted equals lawlessness.  No law, no order, no country.

We might as well not hold elections if the results can't be trusted.  Honest people should have nothing to fear or hide.  If states can't produce validated ballots for auditing, their elections should be disallowed and/or have a do-over with strict monitoring.  The majority of American citizens want every legal vote counted, and every illegal vote disqualified.  It's not about who wins, it is about accurate voting! One citizen, one ballot, let the chips fall where they may.

Chapter 2


Now let's take the gloves off, name names, and examine the evidence, which the "Fake News" media says doesn't exist (more about Fake News coming in another chapter).

First, let's look at the big picture, some nationwide data:

  *   More people voted in 2020 than in any other election in U.S. history, 155.4 million(for Biden or Trump), with an estimated population of 331 million, taking out non-citizens and citizens under 18, leaves 239 million citizens eligible to vote, which represents approximately a 65% turnout, the highest since 1908 (Wikipedia).
  *   Joe Biden purportedly received 81.2 million votes, more than any Presidential candidate in history.  12 million more votes than Barack Obama's highest in 2008, or 2012.  Yet amazingly, he underperformed Hillary Clinton in her % of the vote in 2016, in almost every state except the crucial disputed votes in 6 swing states, where he performed much better to win (although not until the day after the election).
  *   President Trump received 74.2 million votes, 11 million more than when he defeated Clinton in 2016.
  *   Trump received 94% of the Republican votes in the primary to become their candidate for 2020.  The next closest incumbent in primary history was Bill Clinton running for his second term in 1996 when he received 89% of Democrat votes in the primary.  No incumbent has ever lost a second term who received more votes in their second primary than their first election, except for Trump.
  *   There are 19 so-called "bellwether" counties in the U.S. that have predicted the presidential winner since 1976 or earlier.  Trump won 18 of the 19 counties, losing only Clallam County, Washington.
  *    He won Ohio and Florida, both historically swing states, by 8% and 3% respectively.  No one has been elected President without winning Ohio in 60 years.
  *   The voter suppression polls said Biden would win Wisconsin by 17%; but when Milwaukee county stopped counting votes the evening of the election, Trump led Biden in Wisconsin by 5%.  A similar pattern occurred in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia.
  *   In spite of the "blue wave" predicted by the media and pollsters, the election was a Republican landslide win, with the exception of the President.
  *   The media and Democrats would like us to believe that Trump was so hated by the electorate that they came to vote him out, but voted for Republicans on the down ballot races.
  *   Of the 27 congressional house races described as "jump balls - up for grabs", Republicans won all 27!
  *   With some races as yet not final, instead of the Democrats picking up fifteen seats, they lost twelve and counting!  It may be less than a five seat majority for Democrats in the House.
  *   I don't believe the voter fraud was confined just to the President.  If there were a nationwide audit of physical legal ballots I believe more House and Senate seats would change.
  *   All members of congress in all states should want to assure American citizens that their election was not fraudulent.
  *   Republicans gained in State Legislatures and flipped Montana's Governorship from Blue to Red, but miraculously they didn't vote for the top of the ticket, President Trump.
  *   President Trump campaigned across the country holding 50 rallies in the final months.  Joe Biden stayed home, except for  a few rallies with supporters in cars - social distancing.
  *   Attendance at Trump's rallies was 10-35 thousand, per rally.
  *   Biden couldn't fill a parking lot, even with former President Obama.
  *   At Trump rallies the crowd chanted:  "we love you".
  *   At Biden's they honked their horns.
  *   The momentum and enthusiasm for Trump was evident.
  *   Biden's message was, vote for me to get rid of Trump.
  *   Biden couldn't remember what state he was in, or what office he was running for, with frequent gaffs.  He said to black American's:  If you don't vote for me, you ain't black!  Imagine how many weeks the media would go ballistic if Trump said that!  Who's the racist?
  *   Biden also said in a taped interview that: we will commit the greatest fraud in national voting history…you can't make this stuff up!  Freudian slip?
  *   Trump increased his support from black and hispanic voters in 2020 to 18% and 33%, the largest for any Republican in recent history.  Prior to the election, pollsters said if he got 12% of the black vote, it's over, he'd win.
  *   The New York Post broke a story prior to the election regarding Joe Biden's son Hunter and his alleged acceptance of money for political favors and introductions to his famous father, by  Ukraine, China, and Russia.
  *   Joe Biden said in a televised answer to a question about his son's business dealings that he knew nothing about them and didn't discuss them.
  *   Hunter Biden associate Lt. Anthony Bobulinski reported in a FOX televised interview that he met with Joe Biden, his son and Joe's brother over business dealings on multiple occasions.
  *   He had an email from Hunter that said essentially 10% of the money from the deal was going to "the big guy" (Joe Biden?).
  *   Not only did the media ignore the story, Twitter and Facebook blocked access to the New York Post to prevent the story from spreading.
  *   Biden said in the presidential debate:  "I never took any foreign money!"
  *   No, but your son did and passed 10% on to you?
  *   Is anyone naïve enough to believe Joe will be tough on China?  It will be window dressing, all for show.

Due to all the irregularities in the 2020 election from mail-in voting, and the above information regarding the departure from historical norms in other elections, as well as the narrow margin of victory in six swing states, the recounts and lawsuits began.

The final margin of votes in favor of Biden in six key swing states stands at:


Total Votes Cast

Arizona 10,457

3.2 Million

Nevada 33,596

  1.4 Million

Wisconsin 20,582

  3.2 Million

Michigan 154,188

  5.5 Million

Pennsylvania 81,660

 6.8 Million

Georgia 11,779

5.0 Million

Total  of 312,262 votes out of 25,100,000 votes = .012, or just over 1% across six swing states, with Michigan being almost half of the total margin.

The Democrats and mainstream media were quick to declare their candidate Biden as the winner and President elect.  Biden quickly started rewarding his supporters with cabinet positions, while the media said there was no evidence of voter fraud, and Trump should concede and let the country move on.  U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr and the FBI were quick to say there was no evidence of voter fraud.

A recent poll said 70% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats believe there was voter fraud.

Enter the President's legal team:  Led by former New York mayor Rudi Giuliani.  In hearings in each contested state, witnesses came forward by the 100's with signed affidavits!  Numerous examples of widespread voter fraud:

  *   Republican election observers were not allowed to exercise their Constitutional right of monitoring the ballot counting, and were asked to sit so far away they couldn't see anything, or were removed from the facility, in many cases with a police escort.
  *   Urban counties in some locations taped the windows with paper so their actions couldn't be observed.
  *   When these same counties announced they were stopping the count the evening of the election, the Republicans were asked to leave the building.
  *   This is the first time in election history the counting has been stopped, almost as if they were determining how many votes  they needed to steal the election.
  *   Numerous people testified before their state legislatures, having signed affidavits, that they saw poll workers run the same ballots through the machine multiple times.
  *   Another testified she saw a box of purportedly overseas military ballots that were all for Biden and looked like they were identical and copied on a copy machine.
  *   A United States Postal Service truck driver testified that he delivered 250,000 completed ballots from New York to Philadelphia.
  *   Why is New York sending ballots to Philadelphia?
  *   A similar allegation of ballots being sent from Arizona to Atlanta emerged.
  *   Photos were shown of ballots being delivered to Wayne County in Detroit, in vans with out-of-state plates, in the early morning hours when counting had supposedly been suspended.
  *   In Atlanta, there is a surveillance video showing poll workers taking boxes of ballots from under a black skirted table to their desks and counting the ballots (with no observers) after 10pm when Republicans were asked to leave and told the counting was suspended until the morning.
  *   Numerous examples of ballot harvesting at senior citizen centers, with one woman saying she wanted to vote for Trump but was told he was a bad man, and they filled out her ballot for Biden.
  *   With over 1,000 affidavits filed across six states, Democrats and the media stayed quiet and stuck to their story, of no voter fraud.  I could write a book on just these affidavits alone.
  *   For the FBI and DOJ to claim no evidence of voter fraud, is on its face - fraud.
  *   No one bothered to interview any of these witnesses, let alone identify and interview the Atlanta poll workers seen on the videotape.
  *   However; I saved the granddaddy of all the evidence of massive voter fraud for last and a separate chapter all it's own:  The Dominion voting system and Smartmatic software used in 28 of the 50 states and some large Democratic counties in the critical so called swing states, and many of the large Democratic counties in the country.

Chapter 3

Guess what Blue States?  Your State may not really be blue!

Enter:  Antrim County Michigan and the Dominion Voting System

Rudi Giuliani and his team courageously held a press conference where they reviewed a small portion of some of the evidence from the previous chapter.  One of the attorney's present was Ms. Sydney Powell who has filed lawsuits regarding the Dominion voting systems used by 28 states.  Rudi articulated how this system originated in Venezuela, and was used by Chavez to ensure he always won their elections.  The machines are connected to the internet and at least some of the counting is done in Spain, and stored on servers in Germany!

As Rudi told this story he was understandably outraged (as was I and millions of other Americans) that our U.S. Presidential and national elections were being counted at least partially, on a foreign company's system by foreigners and on foreign soil!  I had no idea! I'm sure it's new news to many voters.  Rudi was sweating profusely as he described the situation, and some of his make up (hair coloring) was streaming down his face.

The Fake News Media had a field day!  They mocked Rudi for using hair coloring (remember: they are hypocrites, and most of them use hair color too!), and ranted about how absurd it was to say that our elections were stolen by foreign actors!  Talk about Hypocrisy!  For almost 4 years we had to listen to their impeachment BULLSHIT about Trump colluding with Russia, Russia, Russia, then Ukraine.  All the while ignoring the Hunter Biden story and the real abuser of power with Ukraine - Joe Biden.

And even more outrageous, our "deep state" DOJ and FBI had the Hunter Biden information a year before the election, but sat on it for fear it might influence the election!  Duh?  Who made them God, and to decide what we're entitled to hear?  Do you think it could have made a difference in the impeachment hearings, let alone the election?

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Jack Dorsey (Twitter) also suppressed the story before the election, blocking access to the New York Post story.

Dominion is a Toronto company with some roots in Venezuela, and for years Venezuelan's supervised the training, use, and tabulating of the machines.  Dominion is also owned and/or funded in part by a Chinese bank.  You couldn't make this stuff up for a spy novel, and make it more suspicious than it actually is.

One of Sydney's team members is Russell Ramsland, who has a team with expertise in cybersecurity, statistical analysis, and software manipulation of data.  In examining the Dominion system he uncovered a number of alarming issues: one of which is it can and does change votes!  It also produces fractional votes.  Votes are always whole numbers, you voted for Biden, you voted for Trump, or neither, but you can't give 7/10ths of a vote to Biden and 3/10ths to Trump!

Enter:  Antrim County Michigan

Antrim County is a small county on the west coast of the lower peninsula in northern Michigan, located between Traverse City (site of one of Trump's final rallies before the election) and Charlevoix on the East Coast of Lake Michigan.  I'm from Michigan and rented an MBA classmates summer home there for a few months.  The population was about 23,300 in 2018, Michigan is the 10th most populous state, with an estimated 10 million people in 2020 (Google).  Like much of the country, the small rural counties in Michigan tend to vote Red (conservatives).

So when the vote tally came in 7,769 for Biden and 4,509 for Trump on election day, November 3rd, it created quite a stir.  A local attorney got involved and demanded the count be audited.  Michigan's unpopular democratic governor Whitmer fought him tooth and nail.  It went to court, and the judge authorized the audit.  The attorney got access to the Dominion system used to count the votes and got Sydney and Ramsland involved.

The results are stunning!  The entire report is included in Appendix B.  YOU MUST READ THIS REPORT, AND DO NOT TRUST GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, OR THE STATE OF MICHIGAN!  When searching for this report you get pages of reports from the above and others attempting to discredit it.  Read this original for yourselves!

  *   68% of the ballots scanned were flagged for "adjudication", where they are put in a queue for human review by a poll worker.  The poll worker without supervision has the ability via the software to change the vote on the ballot!
  *   It gets worse.  These ballots can be sent over the internet (they couldn't determine where; to Spain perhaps?)  and all the ballots can be adjudicated at the same time by the operator, in a few keystrokes - that batch is all for Biden.
  *   After the audit, including a paper ballot recount, the actual vote count was 5,960 for Biden and 9,748 for Trump! That's undercounting Trump votes by 5,239 votes out of 15,708 votes cast for Biden or Trump, or 33%!
  *   At first the Governor's people claimed human error, then they changed their story to system error - but Dominion and the Democrats who use this Dominion system everywhere they can, didn't like the implication of widespread fraud, so they changed it back to operator error (it's always the pilots fault!).
  *   Governor Whitmer went to court to stop the report from being published, but thank God there is still one brave judge in this country, and as you can see for yourself in Appendix B, she lost!  Although she did get the judge to redact the data from the system logs.
  *   Whitmer ordered all the data from the Dominion systems deleted immediately, and the adjudication logs from this machine are missing for this election, but oddly, existed for previous elections.  I haven't had time to research how many other Dominion states do the same?
  *   What is she hiding?
  *   What are all the other Dominion system users hiding in Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere?
  *   If 28 states and most large counties use Dominion systems, and tiny Antrim County Michigan had a 33% fraudulent count of 5,239 votes, the fraud could be millions of votes across the country!
  *   It would only take a small fraction of votes to be flipped in major cities like Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Phoenix, or Las Vegas to change the outcome.  Add New York, Chicago, LA, San Francisco…and all the top 20 cities that use Dominion, and it could explain how Biden did so much better than Obama, or Clinton, let alone Trump!
  *   If both Democrats and Republicans had to audit and prove every ballot is unique and legal, it would stop the Democrats from duplicating or destroying their ballots, or they couldn't be audited.  That's a fair remedy for these disputed states. Prove your votes, and produce verified legal ballots!
  *   If their ballots are legitimate, why would they hide or destroy them?
  *   As Laurence Fishburne said in his outstanding performance as Morpheus in the movie The Matrix…We don't know who started it (the war between machines and humans) but we do know it was us who scorched the sky…
  *   As Bill Barr warned before the election, (as did Jimmy Carter in his report on election fraud in 2005), allowing mass mail in ballots was an invitation for massive fraud, and Bill Barr said you would be playing with fire!
  *   The Democrats have scorched the sky and it's going to come back and bite them in the ass for years to come, regardless if this fraud is allowed to stand.
  *   As Japanese Admiral Yamamoto said as his men were celebrating after the attack on Pearl Harbor in WWII:   I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.
  *   So imagine what happens in these large (supposedly Democratic leaning) counties in urban areas?  If a large % of ballots get flagged for adjudication and the supervisor punches a few keys and says these ballots are all for Biden?  Presto change-o, we have a new winner!
  *   This helps explain why the statistical analysis shows huge spikes of almost all votes for Biden in the wee hours of the morning after the election.  After they know how many votes they need!

And you blue state voters?  These Dominion systems are used in many of your large counties, where most of the people are, and have been used since at least 2006. CNN (aka The Crooked News Network) covered alleged voter fraud using the same Dominion systems in 2006 in Chicago and sounded alarms.  Now they conveniently have amnesia and scoff at the mere idea there could be fraud.

I've often wondered how democrats on the coasts can continue to elect hypocrites like Gavin Newsome, Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo and Chuck Schumer, when they lock you down, but the party is on for them!  Do as I say, not as I do!  And don't think I'm just picking on them, it's a very long list.

Guess what?  Maybe they are cheating and have been for some time?  Maybe you aren't really blue?  You just don't get an honest count, when you deserve one!

Chapter 4

Our Not so Supreme Courts

The Pennsylvania Supreme court ruled against election lawsuits, which declared the process used in Pennsylvania violated that state's Constitution!  Wouldn't even hear the evidence or take the case!

Democratic election officials changed a number of procedures just before the election.  When asked why they didn't seek to amend the constitution as the law requires, they said we started down that path but didn't have time.

They violated their own Constitutional requirement for absentee ballots to be requested with a reason, and permitted mass mailings of all manner of ballots, and in an unprecedented bold move, to allow three extra days after the election for ballots to be received and counted!  Who made Pennsylvania special?

This process change, along with evidence of fraud in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, is what caused Texas to file suit, with 17 other state Attorney Generals joining Texas.  At issue:  fraudulent elections that don't even follow that state's own constitution, allow illegal votes, and therefore defraud the citizens of all states who did cast legal votes.

While congress represents the people of their own state, they also collectively represent all American Citizens as we saw at impeachment, and fights over covid financial assistance, or any other national issue.

When states have disputes the U.S. Supreme court has what is known as "original jurisdiction", meaning the state Supreme courts cannot hear the case as they could have a bias for their own state.  Millions of conservatives were very hopeful this would permit investigation and hearings on fraud, as 3/4 of the states (Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania) were controlled by Democratic governor's, who declared their elections fraud free.  Georgia has a Republican governor who also defended his state's voting process in-spite of the video evidence of after hour potentially fraudulent vote counting in Atlanta's Fulton County.

We just learned the US Supreme Court ruled that Texas did not have standing to bring the suit against the other states.  It was a 7-2 decision, with Justices Alito and Thomas the two dissenting votes.  It was a  brief court statement, reprinted here:

(ORDER LIST: 592 U.S.) FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2020 ORDER IN PENDING CASE 155, ORIG. TEXAS V. PENNSYLVANIA, ET AL. The State of Texas’s motion for leave to file a bill of complaint is denied for lack of standing under Article III of the Constitution. Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections. All other pending motions are dismissed as moot. Statement of Justice Alito, with whom Justice Thomas joins: In my view, we do not have discretion to deny the filing of a bill of complaint in a case that falls within our original jurisdiction. See Arizona v. California, 589 U. S. ___ (Feb. 24, 2020) (Thomas, J., dissenting). I would therefore grant the motion to file the bill of complaint but would not grant other relief, and I express no view on any other issue.

Are you kidding me?  If protecting 155,200,000 US Citizens who voted in this election for Biden or Trump from having their legal votes cancelled and defrauded by fraudulent votes from states that don't follow their own Constitutional rules, is not "judicially cognizable", what is?




perceptible; clearly identifiable.

within the jurisdiction of a court.
"a cognizable claim"

Seven Cowards!

 I can understand the history and track record of the three remaining liberal Justices (Kagan, Sotomayor, and Breyer) for not wanting to take the case and jeopardize Biden's Presidential bid.  They were  nominated by Democratic Presidents and NOT for their adherence to the Constitution.

Like other liberals, the rules weren't made for them, so they and theirs don't have to be bothered by following the laws they disagree with.  Let Hillary delete 30,000 emails, smash cell phones…you know the story, and get off scot free!  While General Flynn was convicted, tricked by the FBI into thinking he lied, when it turns out he didn't.  It is OK for a new administration (Flynn) to contact other countries' leaders during a transition.  But they were going to put him in jail, until Trump pardoned him!

So now that brings us to the other four cowards:

"Chief Coward" Roberts:  What a disappointment for conservatives.  He's been what we pilots call a "wind sock" ever since he joined the court.  Like Justice Kennedy before him, he blows whichever way is popular.  He sided with liberals to declare that forcing people to buy health insurance was just another form of taxation!  Roberts, like Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman, cares more about what people think or say about him than he does supporting the Constitution.  Rumor has it he suffers from THS (Trump Hatred Syndrome).  He wants to be invited to the right parties in the swamp (D.C.) and be liked by the media and liberals.

Coward Kavanaugh!  After the way the Democrats (including Kamala) treated him during his nomination hearing, this decision stuns me.  I watched all those hearings and was appalled at the Democrats siding with Susan Ford and insulting his character, when she couldn't produce a shred of evidence, not one!  I thought surely he had the judicial fortitude to defend the Constitution and its provisions for ensuring fair elections. Not cognizable?  Reminds me of that line from Shawshank where Morgan Freeman says:  Rehabilitated?...that's just a fancy word you use.  Cognizable… scha-ma-zin-able…

Coward Gorsuch:  I don't know the man well enough to have a strong opinion.  I note that he served as Deputy AG at the DOJ in 2005-2006.  Perhaps he knows too many in the deep state?  No pass for you either.  You could have joined Alito and Thomas.  Where else can a state go when another state cheats?

Coward Barrett:  She was very impressive in her nomination hearing.  Struck me as a person who would put the law before her own opinion, and said as much.  She's new to the bench, but that doesn't excuse her.  She swore to defend the Constitution, and give us equal justice under the law.

The decision strikes me as Supreme legalese…  Let's not get involved, it's too controversial, there will be  violence, leave it to the states to sort it out.  Let's not anger the Democrats or they'll pack the court and/or demote us to the Appellate court.

I'm sure Roberts led the decision, as a Texas congressman who happened to be at the court, overheard shouting thru the walls with Roberts screaming - we're not taking the fucking (Texas) case.  When Alito and Thomas brought up the Gore v. Bush Florida case, Roberts said there wasn't violence then!

Reminds me of another dreadful supreme court decision that has parallels:

Dred Scott

This was a dreadful supreme court decision, ironically decided 7-2, in 1846, against Mr. Scott.

Cliff notes version of the case:  Scott was a slave of a doctor in Missouri, a slave state, who then took Scott with him and lived in two free states for a few years before returning to Missouri.  Scott argued that since he'd lived in a free state, he should now be considered free.  They ruled against him, and said African Americans were not and never could become citizens!

1846 was less than 15 years before the Civil War over slavery, and in a very political environment between slave and free states, not unlike today, between red and blue states.

Privately several of the Justices had empathy for Scott, but felt the environment was so charged that it would become violent.  Of course it soon did with the Civil War, and these Justices did a horrendous disservice to African Americans, the nation, and their personal reputations in history.  Who knows, they could have started a debate sooner that may have prevented the war?

You heard it here:

I predict the same for these seven cowards,

 when the size and scope of the voter fraud

is confirmed.

If you can't hear a voting case between states to ensure every state gets equal protection, and rule against states who cheat and don't honor their own Constitution, why should we care what you think about cheating in commerce or anything else?

Go outside and look at the motto on the front of your courthouse:  Equal justice under the law!  I guess these are just "fancy words you use", and that's why they call it a façade.

You've greatly undermined, we the people's, faith in our legal system.  You may get what you deserve when the Democrats demote you or pack the court.  Give the bully your lunch and he'll keep taking it.

We deplorable republicans are patriotic, peaceful, God fearing people, who respect the law, police, and our Constitution.  If you come for our guns, you won't have to worry about the Democrats.  If you don't uphold the 2nd amendment, we will.

As actor Charlton Heston, then President of the NRA (National Rifle Association) famously said;  you can take my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands!

And fellow conservatives and anti-abortion right to lifers:  Don't expect these cowards to ever overturn Roe v. Wade.  If they don't have the courage to take on voter fraud, they will never have the courage to defend life.  They'll say the unborn doesn't have a "cognizable" interest in the matter, and unfortunately the unborn can't talk.  Who speaks for them?  We do!

Chapter 5

Democrats and the


A Harvard study (no bastion of conservatism) concluded that 90% of the mainstream media has a decidedly liberal bias.  You don't have to go to Harvard to know that's true!

Before I trash the lame stream media, as they rightly deserve, let me make you aware of a few Real News outlets.  These channels/papers have the old fashioned journalistic principle of checking the facts BEFORE you release a story, and not spinning it, clipping it, or distorting it to only give the viewer/reader a sliver of the truth.

And unlike the mainstream media who have a terminal case of THS (Trump Hatred Syndrome), these folks tell you about all the good things Trump has accomplished!  Like, keeping the majority of his campaign promises from 2016, and a very long list of major accomplishments that you never hear about from the Fake News media.

TOP Sources for news

& growing fast!!!

OAN - One America News

(watch Kara McKinney, Dan Ball, Stephanie Hamill)


(watch Greg Kelly and Grant Stinchfield)


(some great videos on You Tube)

The New York Post

(4th largest paper in US:  broke the Hunter Biden story - before the election)

The Epoch Times

(Founded by John Tang who fled from China: Print or on-line)

Until recently, I would have included FOX News on the list, but alas word has it that Rupert thought Trump would lose the election so he ordered everyone to stand down on election fraud.  Being pro Trump wouldn't be good for business/advertising in a Biden Presidency.  FOX's ratings are falling fast and they deserve to be.  I stopped watching, as have many other conservatives.

I'll still give an honorable mention to Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Tucker Carlson, but they'll have to move to another network.  I won't watch them on Fox.  And if you advertise on Fox, move it to OAN or Newsmax - that's where your conservative viewers will be.  Which OBTW, will be more than half the voters.  When the election results get audited and adjusted for fraud, it was Trump who got closer to 80 million votes.  Biden wasn't even close if you only count legal votes.

Now for the Fake News traitors:  ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and the Washington Post. Traitors to journalism, and traitors to the American citizens.   Anderson, Tapper, Lemon, Madow, Chris Wallace from FOX…the list is long, of the participants in the Fake News from these companies.

Their constant bias, spinning, impeachment promotion, and negative coverage of President Trump is a great disservice to the American people.

So many examples, it would take 4+ years to list them all.   Russia, Russia, Russia, Racist, Racist, Racist, Ukraine impeachment over a phone call (well documented), while ignoring the man - Joe Biden, who got the Ukraine prosecutor fired - who was investigating corruption at a company that had his son Hunter Biden on the board.  Hunter had a generous salary and no expertise (other than being paid for access to his father "the big guy").  And who knows maybe getting paid to get his father to have the Ukraine prosecutor fired?

When Trump tried to bring it into the Presidential debate, Chris Wallace shut him down and said he was in charge and wanted to talk about climate change, Biden quickly piped up, so do I!  Anything to avoid questions about his family's pay for access business.  Instead they ask Biden softball questions about what kind of ice cream he ordered or about the animals on his socks.  If anyone dare ask a real question he bites their heads off.

As mentioned in a previous chapter, Biden said if you don't vote for him, then you ain't black!  Bet you didn't see that on any of the Fake News outlets.  If Trump said that, the media would have covered it for days or weeks.  They conveniently parsed Trump's comments after Charlottesville to say he was praising racists, when in fact he condemned them in the same speech.  Who's the racist?

Trump got 18% of the black (male) vote, and increased his vote from women by 11% (exit polls)!  If the Fake News treated him fairly it would be double.  They said before the election that if Trump got as high as 12% of the black vote it would be game over, he'd win.  That's before conservatives realized how massive the mail-in ballot fraud would be.

The Democrats and the media collude on their talking points.  It amuses me to no end.  My real news sources show the same clip from multiple news organizations using the exact same words.  And they aren't household common words, it's like they all have a conference call every morning and discuss what the tag line will be for the day (Veritas has documented this at CNN).

I recently watched a replay of the Democrats calling former AG Barr in for questioning:  every time he opened his mouth to answer, the Democrat asking the question interrupted him and said "I'm reclaiming my time".  It happened dozens of times.  Barr should have stood up and announced "I'm reclaiming my time", and when you're ready to listen to the answers to your questions, I'll come back!

Both the media and the Democrats are parrot's, not reporters, and not representing the people whom they both serve.

When you cover up or don't show an unbiased coverage of fraud in the election of the President of The United States you are aiding fraud, and like the Democrats, you too will see this come back and bite you in the ass, as individuals, and the Fake News networks you work for.

Your reputations, income, advertising, and respect will disappear when Americans learn, as they will, that there was massive fraud and you played dumb or had too much THS (Trump Hatred Syndrome) to investigate.  I know it grates all of you to be called Fake News, especially by Trump.  Guess what?  You earned it!

He's really being too easy on you.  I think you're arrogant, biased, hypocritical, and anti-American,  just like the leaders of the Democratic party you represent.  And to be fair, the Republicans have some who can be included too.

Chapter 6

Brave Hearts

  *   President Donald J Trump.  Mr. President, thank you for all you do for "we the people".  Defending our right to put God first, and demonstrating that all lives matter, especially the unborn. We know you're up to your ass in alligators and still trying to find the drain to that swamp!  I can only imagine what you could accomplish with a fair press and some cooperation from Democrats.

  *   And lest we forget Vice President Mike Pence!  You make a great team, and balance each other. An occasional brash :) native New Yorker, with a Midwest Christian conservative.

  *   All the brave men and women in your cabinet who have stuck with you through thick and thin.

  *   Justices Alito and Thomas!

  *   Mark Levin, Mike Huckabee, Sara Huckabee, Kayleigh McEnany, Ron Johnson, Rick Grenell, Kristi Noem, Ron DeSantis, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, Matt Gaetz, Doug Collins, Josh Hawley, John Kennedy, Mo Brooks, Tommy Tuberville, Tim Carter, Vernon Jones, Herman Cain, Kimberly Klacik, Newt Gingrich, Candace Owens, Dr. Carol Swain, Herschel Walker, Colby Covington, Joe Rogan, John James, Cheryl Allen, Allen West, James White, Tom Cotton, Rick Scott, Dick Morris, Patrick Byrne, Kanye West, Jim Brown, Rudi Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Jay Sekulow, Tom Fitton, Bernie Kerik, Lin Wood, Sydney Powell, General Flynn, Greg Abbot, Greg Kelly, Grant Stinchfield, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Steve Hilton, Pete Hegseth, Kara McKinney, Dan Ball, Jesse Waters, Greg Gutfeld, Dan Bongino, Mike Lindell, Dinesh D'Souza, Charlie Kirk, Charlie Hurt, Alveda King, Diamond and Silk, Three Black Men, Franklin Graham, Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Sarah Young (Jesus Calling), Larry Elder, Burgess Owens, Randy Economy…

  *   There are so many brave hearts that aren't afraid to tell the truth.

  *   And black men and women who are unafraid to break those old stereotypes that if you're black, you have to vote for Joe Biden and Democrats!

  *   My apologies to those I didn't mention.  The above list is much longer, 1,000's I'd like to include, and I promise I will in the next edition.

  *   Republicans welcome all races and religions with open arms!  We need your help in saving our democracy and freedoms!

  *   You poll workers who know first hand of the cheating, join these brave people and help us.

Chapter 7

Boycott China and Liberal Businesses

Let's hit them in their wallets.

Not everyone can make it to Washington, but you can still send a loud and clear message!  Stop supporting these liberal businesses, organizations (like the DNC), politicians, and China.  Withhold your dollars until they wake up and stop their biased coverage and CENSORSHIP of our people, President, and country.

It will also help the Chinese people with CENSORSHIP and freedom (ask the Chinese in Hong Kong and Taiwan how that sounds to them!).  OBTW, the Epoch Times is an expert on China.

Just a few ideas we can do starting  January 1, 2021:

  1.  Cancel your subscriptions to the New York Times and Washington Post, and start one with Epoch Times or The New York Post.
  2.  Stop watching the Fake News Networks for news, you saw the list!  Watch OAN and Newsmax instead.  I'd ask you to stop watching them altogether as I have, but I know for sports that's a tough act to follow.  I watch the Golf channel, and use the PGA app whenever I can, but I still watch CBS for golf (like The Masters) - as long as they don't use advertisers that they also use on the Fake News programs.
  3.  Boycott Disney - the parent of ABC.  I hate picking on Mickey Mouse, and Walt is spinning in his grave, but these liberals will start getting the message that it's bad business to piss off half your customers.
  4.  Stop watching Colbert and the late night so called comedians.  They should stick to comedy not politics.
  5.  Stop buying products from advertisers in these biased Fake News media outlets.
  6.  If you're an advertiser, move your ad buys to one of our trusted news providers/outlets.
  7.  Remove your profiles from Facebook and stop buying anything you see there.  In Version 2 we'll recommend alternatives.
  8.  Stop using Instagram
  9.  Cancel your Amazon, and Prime subscriptions and don't buy anything from them, use Wayfair or eBay instead.
  10. Stop buying anything made in China!  Buy American and watch this economy roar!  I know it will cost more, as almost everything is made there, but it will benefit US (as in the USA and us), and incent our manufacturers to bring their companies home!  That means you Apple!
  11. Dump your Twitter account and start one with Parler.
  12. Stop watching YouTube.  In version 2 I'll recommend an alternative.
  13. Stop using Google for search, and search on Yahoo! Instead.  After all, they were the original search engine, Google's the copycat!  That will cost Google Billions!  That's Billions with a capital B!
  14. Tell your congressmen to repeal the so-called 230 lawsuit exemption for these tech giants.
  15. Call your state governor and legislatures and demand a ballot audit, or do-over.

When the election fraud data is fully documented, you'll realize that more than half the voters voted for Trump, and if "United We Stand", we can hurt these pompous billionaires in their wallets and stock prices.

If you own stock in any of these companies, I'd sell it (just my opinion - no inside information).  The markets are high and you can buy it back after they tumble, assuming they come to their senses to stop the bias and censorship, so they can grow again.

And it will be documented because - like a homicide - you can't hide the truth.  Too many people were in on this and know where the bodies are buried!

Those of you internet savvy people can send me alternatives to the mainstream social media/search sites, and we'll promote them in later Versions.
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