[C38] Changed seawater pump impeller fail

Pierre Patino pierre.patino at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 21:43:43 EST 2021

Hello All
As the subject implies, I failed to do this properly I believe. I bought
the replacement impeller parts and removed the old one. Removing the old
impeller was easy. I cleaned the cavity (there was some salt buildup, my
fault for waiting too long)  and when I proceeded to put the new impeller
(looks exactly like the old one), I was unable to put the snap ring back.
I'm not sure how important this is. In any case, I put the cover on with
the new o-ring and started the engine.
Now I notice zero water coming out the exhaust. I feel something's buggered
up and I'm not quite sure what the fastest way to troubleshoot is.

By the way, the intake valve is open so I know it's not *that *operator

I've made sure the impeller spins by running the engine and checking that
the shaft has rotated as well as the impeller (taking the cover off and
putting it back on).

Just before I started on this project, water did come out of the exhaust so
I know it "used" to work.

I'm perplexed why I'm having such a hard time with the snap ring. I just
did not want to try jam it in with excessive force. The last time I did
this I had no trouble. Maybe I need to get yet another impeller kit?
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