[C38] replacing prop strut

Thomas O'Connell shastada at gmail.com
Sat Nov 20 10:27:28 EST 2021

Backstory:  Got cutlass bearing replaced yesterday at the boat yard and
they said the strut itself was starting to crumble when they used their
press to remove the old one.  Recommended I get the part from catalina
direct now while it seems to be in stock and get it replaced at the next
haul out for bottom paint.

So, CD has the part but Catalina Direct has some notes about "bolt holes
changed over years" and to let them know what you want, including just no
holes at all.

Anyone replace this on a pre-1980 boat and know how the strut is glassed in
(bolts or not).

Can anyone confirm they found something like this when they took theirs
off?   This drawing is dated 1980, and I certainly don't see bolts from the
hull side, i guess i maybe should look for a "lump" where the old holes may
have been glassed over per this?

[image: image.png]
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