[C38] rudder stock/post seal leaking issues

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Littlebreeze was leaking at the rudder post.  I sent a midget down below to tighten the gland but one of the bolts was frozen and broke off (damn non union workers).  The other two tightened up and no more leak until I'm in a place I can't fix it.  KerryLittlebreeze, 139Antioch, CaLoyalty above all else, except honor.  
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      I hear ya'll. The bilge pump takes
      care of the ingress of water. Im not going to try to seal it
      again; horribly difficult job. Don
    On 4/1/21 12:25 PM, Max soto wrote:
      Yeah you’ll need 3/8” packing for the rudder, and still it won’t
      be a warranty for no leaking. On Estancia, it just leaks less.
      There are no bearings on these boats. Is a simple fiberglass tube
      glassed to the hull.  
      Max Soto A.
        Alajuela, Costa Rica
        On Apr 1, 2021, at 10:18, Marc-Andrea
          Klimaschewski <marcklim at outlook.com> wrote:
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            Hi Michelle,
            the Catalina 38 does not have a rudder
              bearing per se but a stuffing box. This is the Edson part:
                Rudder Post Stuffing Box (edsonmarine.com). The
              rudder stock diameter is 2.860” if I remember correctly.
            In order to address leaking you want to
              make sure that the stuffing box (bronze) is properly
              glassed into the hull. It most likely is, if not that’s
              something to address asap. You also want to open it up and
              replace the flax packing. I believe Edson recommends 3/8”.
              It’s a tricky job especially if you have the rudder
              quadrant / radial drive in the way but it can be done.
              Make sure you don’t strip the bolts and don’t lose them in
              the cavity by below the stuffing box (the mini skeg our
              boats have). You may have to do the packing two or three
              times to get it right but it’s worth it.
            Hope that helps
                Michelle Diaz
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                Subject: [C38] rudder stock/post seal leaking
                    old girl's original rudder post is leaking.  I tried
                    searching through the newsletter archives about
                    bearings and seals and didn't find much.
                    anyone have intel on bearings, seals and parts to
                    get this water ingress stopped?
                    found that PYI's sub-company Jefa has new rudder
                    stock, blades, sleeves, bearings and shaft seals. 
                    Has anyone used these products?
                    S&S C38 Dulcinea #110
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