[C38] Leak in storage area

Pierre Patino pierre.patino at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 22:57:10 EDT 2022

Just recently I discovered that there was salt water in the storage area
under the starboard cabin seats. I want to call this "the cabin starboard
lazarettes" but I don't think it's the correct term. It's the volume under
the starboard seats in the cabin. So remove the cushions and there are some
wooden covers. The water is just at the bottom and can be seen when
removing the wooden covers. It's been a couple of "busy" sails lately with
25-30kts of wind and this is the first time I've noticed so much water (4+
inches). Before I go crazy and scuttle the boat, can someone give me a hint
on where to start looking for the root cause?
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