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Charles Finn charles at finn.ws
Tue Jan 25 11:18:15 EST 2022

Prop walk is largely due to the design of our deep keel where our boat 
pivots quickly.  The trick is to use short, powerful bursts rather than 
a slow reverse.   As soon as you have some water movement going past 
your rudder, you can hit it again until you are underway enough that the 
rudder can counter the prop walk. Takes a bit of "believing" and 
practice... and folks will look up as your boat revs up, but it is the 
only answer I have found.  If you think you have prop walk with a Max 
Prop, you should see what it's like with a fixed prop!

Chuck Finn
Mighty Quinn #114
Great Lakes

On 1/25/2022 9:50 AM, Thomas O'Connell wrote:
> funny i have a max prop and the prop walk is nuts in reverse.. i'm 
> kind of a boat novice though but even a captain and our rigger 
> commented that it's a good bit of walk as we had to get a few people 
> to push the boat out from a dock as we needed to make a counter 
> clockwise exit from a tight space. starting to wonder if the prior 
> owner set the pitch super aggressive or something.
> On Tue, Jan 25, 2022 at 7:44 AM charles <charles at finn.ws> wrote:
>     Gori, Flex Fold or Maxprop.   I chose Maxprop as it helps deal
>     with our prop walk and has amazing power in reverse.
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>     Hi all, yup it’s me again.   LOL   Seems like my propeller
>     disappeared over the last two weeks.  Fell off or stolen?  Who
>     knows?  I’m thinking of a three-blade folding prop for racing of
>     course.  Any great suggestions?
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