This site is a tribute to the unique and beautiful yacht which we sail. Visit the registry page and learn about our history including an impressiveracing heritage. The site is made possible through the efforts of Catalina 38 International Association members, to promote the value of Catalina 38 ownership. It also sponsors the annual Catalina 38 Nationals, a one design race which keeps our racing heritage alive. The association needs the support of all Catalina 38 owners in order to create programs of interest to all involved.
Annual dues are $25 per year and provide members with a subscription to the "Mainsheet," a Catalina Yachts Publication, which describes what Catalina 38 owners across the country are doing with their boats. This information and news about all Catalina Yachts makes membership in the association a great value.
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The mail archives contain the history of our listserve discussions sorted by discussion thread. They are a great place to dig up a previous discussion about sails, props, engines, paint, keels, stoves, alternators, pumps, ........
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2009 Trans Pac:
The Story of Hassle!

Member Reports of the best products, dealers, marinas, mechanics, etc.
We will also be listing the "DARK SIDE" of products, places and etc. that did not work out so well...

Many more Spec Drawings! (Thanks Max!)
IOR Rating Info (Thanks Steve!)

See what our members are up to!

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We also encourage you to look at Tech-Tips, as this area contains an ever growing listing of invaluable instructions for repairs and upkeep on our boats.


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