[C38] Snake wire through stanchion

Steve Smolinske SSmolinske at rainierrubber.com
Wed Feb 14 16:18:47 EST 2018

On Peregrine there was a hole under the port forward stanchion base that the wire was run through,  When I did the radar post I moved the stern light to the pole and used the previous wire run for the satellite antenna, had to put a face plate on to protect the large cable as it could not make the tight radius inside the stanchion,

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Mine came with no wire.. owner removed it and installed the light somewhere else.
I installed it the way it was with a bike brake wire as messenger. Don't remember where did I started, top, or bottom.. but it was not that hard...
You can also instal a 16 gauge wire and install a LED light...


Max Soto A.
Alajuela, Costa Rica

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Tried to do this many years ago. Probably around 2000. Carefully look at your stern pulpit you will see, I believe the way Catalina assembled it, that you cannot get through the centerpiece from the top. It is made in such a manner that the cross-section is the solid piece in the upper and lower portions are the part welded to it.
Good luck


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It's me again.

My stern light's wiring corroded.  I tried to pull it out and after 12" wire retrieved it broke. Wire's threaded through stanchion and comes out on port side in storage area. About 6 foot run.

Problem is snaking 14 gauge wire around corners and probably necessity of removing wire that is still in stanchion.

Any tips?

Weather is too nice to stay in slip.

Blue Eyes,

AKA Patrick

SF Bay Area
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