[C38] Couple of quick questions

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Hi Larry,

I have an almost new full-batten dacron main and a very good roller furling 135%. These are my cruising sails but since I pretty much only race, I don't use them a lot. I want to upgrade the race main and #1 so the race sails can become cruising sails and I could sell the dacron sails.

Since the sails are relatively new and well cared for (have been to the sailmaker for a UV cover re-stitch and "dog ears" for reefing), I don't want to give them away. I think both sails have about 30 days of sailing on them. I bought them in late 2015 to replace the Catalina sails that came with the boat, the dacron genoa was mostly by a carbon #1 in August 2016 and the main got replaced by a carbon/kevlar main in Feb 2017. They have been mostly sitting in storage since then, the genoa has been used a couple times as a heavy wind downwind sail.

Materials are Contender Premium High Aspect 8.52oz for the main and Challenge Marblehead 7.77oz Cross Cut Dacron for the jib. The sails were sold by my local loft Ballard Sails, as far as I know they were pre-build in Sri Lanka and finished locally. When they were built, I asked the loft to use relatively high quality materials to make them last.

The main was 2200k, the genoa was 3600 when they were made in 2015. I'd let them go for 1500 for the main and 2000 for the jib.

Let me know what you think. I can pull them out


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  1.  Has anyone put a hatch into your cockpit to allow better access to your engine compartment?  If so do you have plans for it and are you willing to share them?
  2.  Anyone had a good Dacron main and jib they are willing to sell?  If so price?  A good friend has a Catalina 38 and his are shot, I’m trying to help him out.

Thanks in advance, also who is collecting the dues for the group now, I think I need to pay them.  LOL

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